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Fenner® Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Power Plus is a new design with a 50% increase in power to weight ratio while still being fully interchangeable with the previous unit. One of the most versatile drives offering the largest ratio range and capable of powers up to 280kW.

  • Extended range of ratios now includes 5,13,20 and 25:1
  • 50% increase in power to weight ratio from New SMSR Power Plus
  • Extended 2 year warranty
  • Mounts direct onto the driven shaft,: -
    • No alignment problems.
    • No shaft couplings.
    • Flexible motor mounted in a convenient position.
  • No expensive adjustable base plate is required for the motor, as V-Belt tensioning is done by the use of a torque arm which can be simply shortened or extended to swing the SMSR about its output hub to tension the 'V' -Belts.
  • Quick and easy speed changing via belt drive.
  • Final output speed can be very accurately obtained by adjusting the 'V' -Belt' drive ratio.
  • High efficiency by using helical gears.
    • Single - 98% efficiency
    • Double - 96% efficiency
  • Anti-run back device can easily be fitted on site.
  • Most SMSR use "6000" series I. S. O. plan deep groove ball bearings, stock around the world.
  • Double lip type oil seals used throughout.
  • Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers can be mounted in any position.
  • Proven history of success in all industrial applications; particularly, conveyors and elevators in the construction industry.
  • Long established and proven drive system
  • Wide range of variation available: -
    • Shaft mount, face mount, foot mount, motor mount, hydraulic input, screw conveyor adaptor.
  • Fenner® provide the SMSR. 'V' -Belts, 'V' -Pulleys and TaperLockTM.
  • Quick and reliable Mounting flexibility with wide range of Standard and new Taper GripTM Hubs
  • 3 types of output hub available: -
    • Standard metric, maximum bore metric and North American imperial to AGMA.480.
  • Ultra compact when compared to other designs.
  • Fenner® offer a full comprehensive repair facility including spares availability.

Exact dimensional interchangeability with other European makes is where the comparison stops!

In all other aspects the Fenner® Series K, M, C and F range are market leaders. Innovative design features allow for a wide ratio and size range build within 30 minutes from stock using standard motors.


  • Highly efficient right angled drive
  • Ratios from 8:1 to 160:1 available from stock
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Accepts standard IEC motors without modification
  • ATEX certification available


  • Highly efficient drive system
  • Standard IEC motors
  • Helical pre reduction enables a wide range of ratios
  • Available in foot or flange mounting versions


  • Wide range of ratios
  • Highly efficient drive from helical pre-reduction
  • Innovative design
  • Interchangeability with other manufactures


  • Highly efficient drive system
  • Standard IEC motors
  • Helical pre reduction enables a wide range of ratios
  • Available in foot or flange mounting versions

The Fenner Series W is the ultimate light weight aluminum worm gearbox range.

Available in 11 sizes from 0.06kW to 11 kW with a wide range of sizes, ratios and output options it provides a dependable and cost effective drive solution for a wide range of applications.

The units use a patented modular light weight aluminum gear case, which combines rigidity with strength to ensure a long reliable working life.

Series W geared motors are available with a single stage worm reduction with ratios from 5:1 to 100:1. This range is extended to 300:1 with helical input gears, and up to 5000:1 by using worm gearboxes in combination.

  • Modern modular lightweight patented gear case design
  • Cast in feet
  • Wide range of output hub bore options
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with similar type products
  • Worm and helical worm reductions
  • Motorised or Reducer versions
  • Universal Mounting
  • Accepts Standard IEC motors
  • Wide Range of accessories
  • Hardened and ground worm
  • ATEX certification available
  • 11 sizes