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PIV Drives

PIV stands for "Positive Infinitely Variable" drive, the name given to a power transmission system using a slatted steel chain, invented in 1924 by G.J. Abbott.

Werner Reimers saw the importance of this invention, acquired the patent and founded the company "Ketten- und Getriebe GmbH" in 1928, which was renamed in "PIV Antrieb Werner Reimers KG" 1936.

In subsequent years the PIV system was developed and improved, finding application in a wide variety of fields and evolving ultimately into the high performance Continuous Variable Transmission, which became the basis of the Multitronik transmission adopted by the automobile industry.

During the late seventies, parallel and right angle shaft gear reducers with universal mounting arrangements (Posired series) were introduced.

Their universality and ease of application guarantee optimal adaption in almost all areas of mechanical construction and satisfy the requirements of most various Customer needs.

Particular attention was given to the design for extruders, and PIV went on to accumulate twenty years of experience in this field.


POSIRED 2 Parallel Shaft and Right Angle Gearboxes
In this product range the demand for a gear program rich in variants but with a minimum number of parts have been fulfilled.

High degree of standardisation and consistent modularity ensures availability with short delivery time. A large number of standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost all areas of mechanical and system construction.

An extensive range of accessories increases the adaptation capacity of this gear to various requirements. As a standard, fans, cooling coil, external oil cooler, heating rods, torque supports, engine consoles, sub-constructions and operation monitoring systems are available.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 500.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 710 iN
Power Rating: up to 4.400 kW

POSIRED TS Double Shaft Gear
Fields of application for this series of gear are rolling mills, profiling plants, crushers, double-shaft mixers, kneaders, compactors and presses. These systems require two contra-rotating drives, such as is provided by the Posired TS gear.

The various designs, installation possibilities and optional accessories of the basic range of POSIRED 2 gears can also be used for the double shaft gear POSIRED TS.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 110.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 140 iN
Centre distance (a): up to 656 mm

POSIRED N Parallel axis Lifting gear with large axle bases
Lifting gears in which the cable drum and driving motor are arranged in parallel require a step-down gear with a correspondingly large axle base.

The lifting gear gears in the POSIRED N series are designed for this application and ideally bridge the given distance between the motor and cable drum.

The development of this series was based on widespread experience in crane engineering. The demands of this branch were largely taken into account in this gear concept.

The accessories needed for this application such as elastic clutches, barrel clutches, brakes, substructures, etc. are available and can be supplied with the gear.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 300.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 500 iN

POSIRED D Right Angle Gearboxes
This universal and compact gearmotor is based on a modular system with high output torque with a monobloc housing integrating a motor bell housing. A large number of variants are available for each size. The opportunity to mount brake motor makes this gearmotor most suited for traverse movements in cranes or other large mobile applications.

Main characteristics:

  • Horizontal or upright fitting position
  • Torque reaction arm integrated in the casing
  • 6 frame sizes rated according to a modular system
  • Use of standard components from the Posired 2 program
  • Advantageous prices due to a low manufacturing proportion

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 25.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 112 iN
Power Rating: up to 173 kW


POSIREX single shaft extruder drive
Modular design based on POSIRED range plus appropriate thrust bearing-parts which are readily available.

This series of gear with attached or integrated thrust bearing can be produced as bevel or helical gear. Quiet operation and strong design are key features. Mounting position horizontal or vertical, splash lubrication and cooling coil with or without injection lubrication are possible options.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max) Nm: up to 160.000
Transmission Ratio: up to 160 iN
Axial force: F = up to 2.000 kN

POSITWIN GL Double shaft extruder gear
Double shaft extruder gears have been built by P.I.V. since 1984 for a variety of applications in the plastics and food industries and have been put into operation around the world to our customers' complete satisfaction.

The gears are case hardened and ground and optimised with a profile correction according to the load, which consists of bending and torsion. A very good noise behaviour is achieved through a high contact ratio.

The axial forces which occur during extrusion from the process part are safely absorbed in the gear with tandem bearings and self-aligning roller thrust bearings. This extremely compact and appealing design means that we are able to provide a modern, high-power gear in small installation spaces.

Technical Data
Screw centre distance: a = up to 200 mm
Input speed up to 1.200 rpm
Torque factor: df = 35 N/mm2


POSIRACK Rack and Pinion Drive
PIV Drives has developed rack and pinion drives for closing the mould of injection moulding machines. They have a double toothed rack as output. The flange mounted motor allows a very compact design. To achieve high performance it was important to realise an almost perfect load distribution on the rack.

Case hardened and grounded gear wheels are the base for these high performance drives with highest accelerating and decelerating torque. The special design of the gear wheels also leads to a very low noise level.

Technical Data
Rack clamping force: up to 450 kN
Rack speed > 2.000 mm/s


POSITORQUE Planetary gear
The POSITORQUE planetary gear series (5 sizes) is intended for industrial application with output torque up to 1.000.000 Nm.

They are backed by a long experience in the construction of planetary units for variable speed drives.

The most important parameters of this series are:

  • Compact design and high power density. The optimisation of the number of planets for each planet stage leads to an excellent torque / weight ratio.
  • The modular structural design of the gear case leads to a universal range of uses. The majority of designs needed in practice can be covered by standard models: in line and right angle versions.
  • The housings are designed for flange or foot designs
  • The output shafts are supplied as solid or hollow shafts or can be designed according to customer specifications.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 1.000.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 2.800 iN


POSICROSS LN Right angle units
These gears are characterised by a sturdy, non-torsional and space-saving housing. The arrangement of the screw fastening faces enables a wide choice of fitting positions. The wheelsets of alloyed case hardening steel have a Klingelnberg - Cyclo Paloid gearing and are case hardened and lapped in pairs.

Labyrinth shaft seals, change and reverse gears and design with reinforced shafts are available on request.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 8.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 5 iN

POSIRED R Gear for agitators, aerators, fan
Our mixer gears are primarily used in chemicals industry, though they are also needed in other applications with a vertical shaft position such as surface aerator, sifter, hydrostations and discharge facilities.

The bearing base of the drive shaft is ideally suited to absorb the reaction forces of the mixer; the housings are of monobloc design and thus ensure a high rigidity with small installation space. The helical gearing is case hardened, noise-optimised and ground with a profile correction for an optimum load-bearing performance.

The wide variety of optional accessories for the basic range of POSIRED 2 devices can also be used for the POSIRED R mixer gear.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 47.000 Nm
Transmission Ratio: up to 140 iN

POSIDISC variable speed gear
The spherical disc gear POSIDISC is the 'all-rounder' amongst the infinitely variable speed gears from PIV: easy maintenance, favourable behaviour in extreme operating conditions and the speed adjustement both during operation and at standstill, make it very interesting.

The gear is completely insensitive to jolt operation. Even if the output is blocked per short times, no damage occurs: a starting or safety clutch is not needed. Operating factors need not be specified for dimensioning, the gear can be run with its catalogue torque in continuous operation.

Technical Data
Variation Ratio: 6 10 or up to output speed = 0
Power Rating: up to 3 kW

POSICHAIN Variable speed gear
The PIV POSICHAIN (A200 and RH series) gear is the 'classic' infinitely variable speed gear from PIV.

The most important features are:

  • Simple maintenance and high efficiency that enables economical solutions, even in continuous operation, and high speed setting accuracy.
  • The features of the 'torque converter' permit high torques at small speeds. Extensive accessories such as regulating device, tachometer, position response synchro, limit switch extensions and speed governor are also avaible. High system protection for operation in dirty environments.

Technical Data
Torque (T2max): up to 160.000 Nm
Speed range R= 2 3 4 and 6
Power Rating: up to 175 kW

POSIMAR Generator drive
The POSIMAR generator drive is the ideal adaptation between the varying-speed motor (ship's engine, railway engine, generator motor etc.) and the constantly-rotating power generator. An electro-hydraulic control integrated in the gear adjusts the ratio so that the generator speed is kept constant to 1%.

Technical Data
Variation Ratio: up to 6
Power Rating: up to 400 kW