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ZAMBELLO Riduttori, the worldwide leader in manufacturing gearboxes for extruder drives, constantly increases its output capacity in both factories by installing very advanced CNC machine tools. Therefore, not only the production capacity but also the competitiveness of the products has been increased.

The gear casings are made directly by ZAMBELLO Riduttori using new CNC multipallet machining centres (up to 35 pallets and more than 400 tools) so to obtain highest precision.

The gear-grinding shops with the relevant inspection equipment and certification systems are constantly updated using advanced high-precision CNC grinders, which enable ZAMBELLO Riduttori to grind its gears and pinions to the AGMA 12 class (which corresponds to DIN 4).

The components, which are made entirely by ZAMBELLO Riduttori (casings, toothed wheels, etc.), are checked by using advanced CNC measuring machines, which certify also the high quality and manufacturing level.

All our gearboxes are tested for several hours on a test bench. Finally, a Test certificate will be issued for all products.

ZAMBELLO Riduttori, which has been manufacturing its gearboxes in both factories according to UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for many years, stands for a constant factor of reliability.

SINGLE SCREW extruder Gearboxes

  • Parallel Shaft & Right Angle Designs
  • Motorised & Shaft Input
  • Universal Mounting & Shaft Configurations
  • Standard And Custom Design Extruder Screw Connections
  • High Quality Extruder Thrust Bearings. Type 294...E
  • Cooling By Air. Internal Or External Water Cooling, Pumped
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Torque < 105640Nm
  • Ratios < 125/1

TWIN SCREW Extruder Gearboxes

  • For Contra-Rotating and Co-Rotating Twin Shaft Extruders
  • Shaft input
  • Flat or Upright Mounting
  • Distribution Output Gear Unit Linked with a Thrust Bearing Housing and Pressure Flange that Absorbs - Axial Thrust
  • High Quality Taper and Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • High Quality Extruder Thrust Bearings - Type 294...E
  • Pump Lubrication
  • Torque < 44300Nm (Total)
  • Ratios 3 - 20/1

Parallel & Right Angle Gearboxes

  • Motorised & Shaft Input
  • Multiple Mounting And Shaft Configurations
  • Cooling By Air, Fan, Water Jacket or Pumped Heat Exchanger
  • High Quality Oversized Bearings
  • Torque < 491200Nm
  • Ratios < 180/1