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Alliance Transmission

Set up in 2001, Alliance Transmission is still a very young company but founded on almost 40 years' experience in the helical and bevel-helical unit sector and, in particular, in the customised and completely special reduction unit field. Throughout all this time of working in the industrial transmission sector, our staff has had the chance to design and construct all different types of units for a host of different applications.

As the company's target is to measure itself against the most qualified global constructors in the sector from a product technology and image point of view, a completely new and innovative range of helical and bevel-helical units has been designed combining the most advanced design conceptions and performance in full compliance with international standards (ISO, DIN, AGMA, etc.) for calculating gear geometry.

We have focused our attention on researching the simplest and most standardised design and production methods with the aim of making production even faster and delivery times even shorter. By optimising performance we can also achieve a very effective performance/price ratio compared to the most well known and qualified brands.

As always, great attention is given to each customer's specific requirements and to each single application: a standard product is never pushed on a customer if a better solution can be found using a "special" unit.

Alliance Transmission gear units are suitable for most applications in both horizontal and vertical drives.

New design, outstanding innovations offer:

  • increased power capacity
  • more size
  • more competitiveness with the same high reliability

The high power to weight ratio of all units, combined with low volume, enable installation in the most critical situations.

New concepts have been used to improve the noise level in a consistent way, by grinding all gears sets, both the helical and the Gleason spiral bevel type gears.

Because of higher capacity, particular consideration has been given to efficiency and housing surface area to guarantee a convenient heat dissipation in most cases.

When necessary, units can be supplied with:

  • fans fitted to high speed shafts
  • cooling water coil
  • fan and cooling coil
  • separate oil cooler incorporated in forced lubrication system

Are of rigid close grained grey cast iron construction up to size 110. Fabricated steel cases are available as standard from size 120 up and as optional for smaller sizes. Computer designed and CNC machined.

High quality alloy case hardening materials provide long life, wear resistence and fatigue strength. Helical and spiral bevel gears (usually) are ground to high standards and quiet running characteristics.

Life and wear calculations (25.000 hrs with fm=1) based on ISO 6336, DIN 3990 and AGMA 2001 recommendations.

  • PA single reduction
  • PB double reduction
  • PC triple reduction
  • PD quadruple reduction
  • RHB double reduction
  • RHC triple reduction
  • RHD quadruple reduction
  • RVB double reduction
  • RVC triple reduction
  • RVD quadruple reduction

Used in the following situations:

  • Lifting fishing nets
  • Lifting cranes/ bridge cranes
  • Extruders
  • Chair lift
  • Lifting with differential
  • Steel works
  • Cutting lines
  • Cooling towers
  • Pumps
  • Test bench: speed gears
  • Conveyor belt