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Stroeter Gearbox Antriebstechnik

Stroeter Gearbox Antriebstechnik

That is the scope of STRÖTER Antriebstechnik GmbH. Today, STRÖTER offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical drive and control technology covering a variety of applications. The most important customer industries include the beverage industry, packaging machine construction and the manufacturers of materials handling equipment.

A flexible and reliable partner
As independent, medium-sized company, STRÖTER is in a position to speedily convert customer requirements and technological developments into products that are ready for series production. It is not last this flexibility that makes STRÖTER a reliable partner for many companies in machine and plant construction – even if sophisticated integrated concepts and solutions in the field of drive and control technology are required.


It was only just after the end of the Second World War that Hans Ströter founded his company. Previously he had worked for Philips in Holland up to 1939.

Together with his father Philipp Ströter and brother Jakob Ströter, he took the risk and set up his own business in the midst of the new beginnings.

Right from the start, the company founder stood by the principle of "Either do it properly, or not at all" and quickly acquired his own company facilities for producing gears.

Activities in those first few years focused above all on producing fully variable gears; in time, electronic elements assumed increasing significance and have today become a highly complex area demanding a great deal of know-how.

The economic boom of the post-war years also helped Ströter to grow, and the first employees were taken on. Up to 1972, the company was located on Hammerstraße and had a workforce of approx. 30 employees.

In this same year, the company's new premises covering 7,000 square meters were completed at the current address in Krefelder Straße. Here the successful company saw rapid further expansion. The product range grew constantly and was always kept at the cutting edge of technology. In-house specialists were responsible for optimum developments, giving Ströter Düsseldorf a good name right from the start with a reputation which extended way beyond the city limits. Today Ströter is well known to every company which transports and moves goods.

From 1987, the family company was run by Werner Heymann and Hans Ströter jun., who followed his father's footsteps after finishing his engineering degree.

In 1989 the company founder took his well-deserved retirement.

Hans Ströter and Werner Heymann became joint Managing Directors of the company which had now acquired the status of a GmbH (limited liability company).

On 31.12.2005, it was with both a twinkle and a tear that Managing Director Werner Heymann took his well-deserved retirement, having played a major role in the success of the company.

As from 1.1.2006, Hans Ströter and Reinhard Nehnes took over the management of the company. Mr. Nehnes had already worked for Ströter for more than 20 years with responsibility for production planning and design.

Today Ströter sells its drive systems all over the world: exports account for about 40% of all products. The customer base is made up of many different branches, such as the beverages industry, the baking industry, transport and all possible applications where goods are transported on conveyors or filled and bottled by machines. Furthermore, automation has become a new area of business for the company today.

Ströter's great advantage is the company's flexibility in being able to handle even rush jobs quickly and reliably, with in-house quality assurance. Several patents have already been registered for the electronic systems.

STRÖTER - Helical bevel geared motors

Range of power 0,12 – 90 kW

Standard design

  • Motor : Three phase IEC AC- motor
  • Voltage : 230/400V - 400/690V
  • Power: 0,12 - 90 kW
  • Type of protection : IP 55
  • Insulation class : B
  • Mounting position : D
  • Output shaft : solid shaft (A or B) or hollow shaft

STRÖTER - variable speed gears Type A

are characterized by the following features :

  • speed range 1 : 10
  • adjustable during motion and standstill
  • fitted with IEC standard motors
  • exceptionally quiet running
  • fine control of speed range
  • long life
  • entirely enclosed
  • easy to maintain

STRÖTER variable speed gears

Range of power 0,09 – 1,5 kW

STRÖTER - Helical geared motors

Range of power 0,09 – 22 kW

Standard design

  • Motor : Three phase IEC AC- motor
  • Voltage : 230/400V - 400/690V
  • Power: 0,09 - 22 kW
  • Type of protection : IP 55
  • Insulation class : B
  • Mounting position : B3

TR 320 Drives
The experience derived by Ströter supplying coneyor drives to the beverage industry over many years has resulted in the design of a new shaft-mounted drive unit featuring helical gears, integral belt drive with stainless steel housing and IEC flange mounted motor.

STRÖTER Worm gear motors

Torque range - 2000 Nm

Standard design

  • three phase IEC AC-motor
  • voltage : 230/400 V - 400/690 V
  • type of protection : IP 55
  • insulation class : B
  • mounting position : D
  • output shaft : hollow shaft or solid shaft (A or B)

Torque Sensor TCU-100

TS-1 is a measure converter that calculates an electrical motors torque in Nm and converts it to an output signal from 0–10 V.