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Sumer Transmissions

Sumer Gearbox from Sumer Transmissions

Founded in 1979, SUMER designs, assembles and markets gearing transmission systems

Sumer manufactures speed reducers with low backlash and without backlash for leading high-tech industries : space, nuclear, armaments, aeronautics, vacuum, robotics, servomechanism and specific mechanisms.

In 1993, Sumer was decentralized and relocated in the Roqual Industrial estate in Sarlat, Dordogne where it continues to develop its activities. To-day Sumer is ready to extend its business to the European and World markets.


Our very high precision gearboxes are designed for high tech industries such as :
Robotic, aeronautic, armament, nuclear, aero spatial, petrochemical, vacuum, and for any other special machine automatisms.

There are two main groups:

  • High precision gearboxes (planetary, bevel and worm wheel) are intended for applications which require utmost torsional stiffness and high radial/axial loads.
  • Gearboxes with higher backlash: for classic applications where angular precision which is less than 12 arcmin is less important. planetary and bevel gearboxes.