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A manufacturer of automation control components for more than 40 years, Crouzet offers products to be used for sensing, processing, actuation and communication.

Seriously invested in the areas of quality, R&D and innovation, Crouzet provides its customers – manufacturers of machines and industrial equipment, OEMs, distributors, panel-builders, installers, system integrators and design offices – with the following products:

Micro-motors: DC motors, brushless motors, external control electronics, synchronous motors, integrated motor solution, stepper motors, linear motors, fans.

These products are perfectly suited to use on the following markets:

  • Medical: Syringe plunger, dialysis machine, medical-type bed, ripple bed, respirator, steriliser, dental workstation, radiology station, etc
  • Renewable energies: Pellet stoves, solar trackers, wind turbines, geothermal systems (heat pump), etc
  • Building equipment: Waste processing (compactor, skip, etc), air treatment (air valve, etc), water treatment (pool, fountain, purification, etc), swimming pool (pump, roller shutter), roller shutter, lift, billboard, etc
  • Industrial automation systems: Textile machine, coffee machine, packaging machine, industrial washing machine, small machine (vending machine, kebab machine), etc
  • Agriculture: Greenhouse (Irrigation/Mist propagation management), tractor + spray boom, combine harvesters, farm machines (chick vaccination, milking machine, etc), access control (barrier system for passage of animals), etc
  • HVAC: Ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas boiler, etc
  • Access control: Automatic barriers, automatic doors, turnstiles, sectional doors, handicapped access ramps
  • Transport: Buses, specialist lorries (fire vehicles, building and civil engineering, etc), crane, handling and lifting (fork-lift truck, pallet truck), cars
  • Valves and pumps: Domestic valves, industrial valves, ATEX and nuclear valves, membrane pumps, peristaltic pumps, pump rotation
  • Aerospace: Electrical distribution and protection, detection and cockpit equipment

For more than 40 years now, Crouzet Automatismes, the automation control component manufacturer, has offered complete motorisation solutions: motors, D.C. geared motors, Brushless motors and geared motors, motorisation solutions, electronic cards, synchronous motors, stepper motors, linear motors, voice coil actuators, etc. These products are particularly suitable for use in medical equipment, valves, pumps, access control (barrier, turnstile, lift doors, etc), water treatment, billboards, etc. DC motors

  • Brushless motors
  • External control electronics
  • Synchronous motors
  • Integrated motor solutions
  • Stepper motors