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Bison Gear & Engineering

Bison Gear & Engineering, a family owned manufacturer of gearmotors, motors and reducers, has been successfully meeting the needs of the OEM and distributor markets for over 45 years.

Bison products are manufactured from standard components, or from a combination of custom and standard components.

Available custom features include: special gear ratios, special shafts, a variety of mounting configurations, special purpose lubricants, and a number of different finish options.

Bison goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure gearmotors, reducers and motors manufactured precisely meet the performance needs of the products they drive.

In 2006, Bison begin manufacturing custom AC motors in the St. Charles, IL facility. These motors are available in a 34 and 49 frame.

The 34 frame (3.3” OD) has a power range of 1/80 HP (10W) to 1/10 HP (75W) with a ¼”, 5/16”, 8 mm, 3/8” and ½” standard shaft diameter and the 49 frame (4.9” OD) has a power range of 1/10 HP (75W) to ¼ HP (185W) with a 3/8”, 11 mm, and ½” standard shaft diameter.

These motors are offered as a PSC, split phase, 3 phase and 3 phase inverter style.

Several winding configurations are available to optimize performance, efficiency and cost.

Being manufactured in the USA allows Bison to react quickly to meet any custom motor need and offers the customer short lead times.

In today's changing marketplace, Bison recognizes the importance of listening to and responding to their customers' needs and they are committed to achieving Total Customer Satisfaction.

Bison will help you create a fine-tuned system that maximizes product performance without sacrificing economy, increases service life and eliminates field failures.

Bison gearmotors typically produce more torque than other gearmotors in their physical size and price range; and provide high reliability in demanding applications.

Industries such as, conveyors, icemaker-dispensers, food preparation equipment, food dispensers, hot melt dispensers, chemical mixers, door openers, automatic feeders, ventilation systems, exercise equipment, metal cutting equipment, packaging equipment, medical pumping and positioning equipment, and much more are using Bison products.