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Dunkermotoren Gearbox and Motor

Flexibility, Delivery Performance & Complete Motion Solutions

Standardized motors, gears and modular accessories are available with a higher degree of flexibility to address specific requirements in complete motion solutions.

For the customer, this means better control of quality, reduced inventory and reduced production time.

Dunkermotoren’s Modular System an optimized logistics, enables prompt delivery for both stock and customized products.

Dunkermotoren develops and manufactures gearboxes, which are notable for very compact design, low weight and excellent efficiency. The product portfolio includes planetary gearboxes and worm gearboxes.

Worm gearboxes (SG) are noted for their very quiet running. The worm-gear shaft has bearings on both sides. The gear components, made of bronze or steel, and the lubrication ensure a long service life at the rated torque. In many applications, the location of the output shaft at 90 to the motor shaft provides an optimum design solution. On request, worm-gearboxes can be supplied with a hollow output shaft.

Planetary gearboxes (PLG) have the highest continuous torque capacity of all types of gearbox; at the same time they have a very compact form, low weight, and excellent efficiency. Self-centering planet gears ensure a symmetrical force distribution. The ring gear also forms the housing of the gearbox. The gearbox output shaft is supported in two ball bearings so that it can withstand high axial and radial loads. The gearboxes are customized, e.g. for use in especially low ambient temperatures, or as high-power gearboxes with reinforced output shafts, or with special lubricants for very long service life.