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OBM BM series 3 phase vibrator motor

OMB Vibrator Motors

Since 1972 OMB is specialized in designing and manufacturing electric and pneumatic vibrators which meet the specifications required by most fields of application using vibrating equipment. The superior quality and reliability of the OMB vibrators are the result of over thirty-years of vast experience in addition to continuous and constant research and innovation. The most up-to-date training remains a constant in every level of our organisation.

Designed and developed in-house with a 3D-CAD, our entire product range is subjected to electrical and mechanical tests in our laboratory, on special vibrating tables as well as with electromagnetic brakes. The production is maintained by competent personnel with the help of modern machining centres and lathing machinery (MORI SEIKI). The final testing is effected on special vibrating tables, through automatically, electronically controlled equipment, which subjects the product to a safety test foreseen by CE directives, as well as to an extended functional test, in order to guaranty the maximum quality standard.

OMB BM series Three phase vibrator motors satisfy nearly all industrial vibrating applications. Electric motor protection through thermistor (PTC). Such protection is standard for sizes 50-70-120-150-200 and on request for other sizes.


  • INOX end covers.
  • Insulation class H.
  • Different fixing dimensions
  • 10 poles 600 rpm 50Hz - 720 rpm 60Hz
  • 12 poles 500 rpm 50Hz - 600 rpm 60Hz
  • Series also available
  • BM/M single phase,
  • BMI intermittent service,
  • BGF fixed weights,
  • BM-A explosion proof,
  • VBM-2 minivibrator,
  • BGRC/F, BMF, BMF-ST, lateral flanges
  • BMF-C central flange,
  • AFP high frequency,
  • AFC high frequency rapid coupling,
  • VFP-VFC variable frequency
  • BG ball action pneumatic vibrators