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Merkel-Korff gearboxes and geared motor units

From its simple beginning as a specialty machine shop to producing transmissions for Model A Fords and combining small motors with speed reducers to create the first gearmotor Merkle-Korff has a 100-year track record of designing and producing customized applications for its customers.

Merkle-Korff continues this design philosophy today, developing customized, application-driven solutions for some of the world’s top companies. These high quality, high performing products include brushless DC gearmotors and motors, DC brushed motors, PMDC brushed motors, PMDC planetary and right angle gearmotors, and PMDC and AC parallel shaft gearmotors.

Brushless DC gearmotors

Merkle-Korff offers our Brushless DC gearmotors with either hall only feedback or a fully integrated control board, internal to the motor. The integral control is a fully digital control with the latest in micro-processor technology on board. The motor can be mounted not only to our most robust parallel shaft gear box that we manufacture (MK’s GF gearbox) but it can also be fitted to our new line of 52 mm planetary gear heads.

Our domestically based engineering team has the expertise to customize the software to meet the various demands and requirements of virtually any application. Our brushless DC gearmotors are currently being utilized in virtually every market we serve, including the commercial food equipment, pellet stove, satellite dish and pump markets. For those applications that require a higher degree of controllability or a higher efficiency solution to meet your green initiatives, the Merkle-Korff Brushless DC product is the perfect solution.

  • Internal controller
    • Two quadrant programmable control: current limiting, acceleration, speed regulation, velocity profiles
    • Built-in quadrature encoder
    • Over-current protection
    • Stall condition protection
    • 0 5 or 0 10 VDC speed reference voltage
    • Dynamic braking and holding capability
    • Input voltage polarity protection
    • Electronic commutation
  • Motor
    • Long life
    • Ball bearing construction
    • 8 pole rotor
    • 3 phase stage wye connection
    • High energy/skewed magnets for reduced cogging
    • Integral hall sensors for rotor position
  • Gearbox
    • Sintered or needle bearings: output shaft
    • Sintered powder metal gearing
    • Helical first stage for low audible noise

Optional Features

  • Hall only output: externally controlled
  • Incremental optical encoder


  • Commercial food equipment
  • Pumps
  • Business equipment/automation
  • Pellet stove
  • Medical/laboratory
  • Satellite positioning systems
  • Custom solutions


  • Input voltage: 12 to 32 Vdc
  • Insulation class: F (155 C)
  • Bi-directional
  • Speed regulation: open or closed loop, programmable
  • Velocity profile: programmable
  • Acceleration: programmable
  • Temperature protection: 90 C/110 C std
  • Current limit: programmable
  • Tachometer O/P: 2 Ch 6PPR
  • Gearing peak torque: 250 lb. in
  • Speed range: 0.25 35 rpm

Standard gear reductions

  • 1131:1
  • 1044:1
  • 536:1
  • 495:1
  • 178:1
  • 165:1