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Berges UK Ltd have ceased their UK sales division and distribute their Berges Variable Speed Belts and Berges Variable Speed Pulleys through

Variable drive motors ...
a universal product range to cover the whole spectrum of drive engineering applications!

As multi-faced in their design as drive engineering in application.

In terms of drive engineering within the broad scope of machinery and plant construction, the aspect of economic control plays a determinant role. With BERGES variable drive motors, you are choosing a technology that has proved itself a million times over. Our variable drive motors are complete solutions that comprise the drive unit, speed adjustment, motor and reduction gear. Whatever kind of drive control assignment needs solving, let us have your source and target data and specify the geometry suited to your machine or plant and we will let you have a precise and stable solution that is ready for production. Make use of the enquiry form for variable drive motors or special constructions and let us propose a solution for your speed control.

Variable speed pulleys robust and economical

Obtaining the desired speed in the simplest way while maintaining the constant optimum efficiency of the motor, is what makes mechanical control technology from BERGES so economic.

With their modular construction our variable pulley systems are logical in their symmetrical design and mechanically simple in the way they work. The use of high-grade materials makes the variable pulleys virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. And that is not the only reason why BERGES variable pulleys have been at home in very many mechanical engineering plants for more than 50 years.

Assembly units RGAE

In this modular system, the proven BERGES double pulley drive with a wide V-belt is integrated in a symmetrical housing. The numerous possibilities offered by this design range from modular assembly of a wide variety of drive elements up to a connection-ready, compact variable gear unit.

Spindle and angled adjustment controls with disc type or scale handwheel as well as hydraulic and electrical remote controls are available for speed adjustment. Incl. speed indicators (analogous or digital) and tachometers.

Three-phase motors as well as reduction gearboxes of all types with connections in accordance with IEC can be mounted directly both in U and in Z configurations.

On the output side, every BERGES assembly unit an be equipped with a two-bearing input or output shaft in flange design. This in turns allows connection of output elements in conjunction with chain or belt drives. At the same time, this shaft design provides the input for reduction gearboxes with IEC connection (hollow shaft). A gear pedestal is also available for every size.

The housings of RGAE sizes 2 to 9 have IEC connections on both the motor and output sides as standard. Size 1 corresponds to a works standard.

The variety of mounting possibilities and the clear system principle put the choice in your hands:

  • You assemble and complete the BERGES assembly units yourself in accordance with our assembly
  • You can provide us with motors and reduction gearboxes and we will assemble the assembly
  • We can supply you with exactly the complete, functional drive and adjustment control unit that you need. Ready for integration in your machines and installations.

Special designs

Our special technical know-how together with the experience acquired by our designers over ten of years means that we can cope with any aspect of drive engineering. Even in those cases not covered by our standard range of products, we will develop individual solutions for our customers that satisfy in terms of precision, stability and permanence.

Even during the developmental phase, we can advise you on drive systems and give you technical support or take over the assignment entirely. Our job is to systematically find the best solution; our target is to deliver it to you.

BERGES variable drive units ...
... a universal product range to cover the whole spectrum of drive engineering applications!

The product range:

  • Double pulley drives RF b for wide V-belts up to 160 kW
  • Double pulley drives RD b for wide V-belts up to 160 kW
  • Double pulley drives KRM, RF for standard V-belts up to 5,5 kW
  • Single pulley drives FsB for wide V-belts up to 55 kW
  • Single pulley drives KM, FS for standard V-belts up to 5,5 kW
  • Assembly units RGAE for mounting motors and reduction gears- up to 160 kW
  • Assembly units RGAE with two-bearing shaft on output side- up to 160 kW

System and quality characteristics:

  • Short, space-saving symmetrical design
  • Precise plastic-coated round guides
  • Pressure springs with optimum characteristic for a favorable power ratio over the whole speed range
  • Integrated torque-dependent control cam (RD b)
  • Low mass moment of inertia thanks to the use of pulley sheaves made of highly wearresistant special aluminium alloy
  • Alternative designs for wide and standard V-belts
  • Suitable for U and Z designs
  • Maintenance free

On the following pages, you will find a quick-reference insight of the main performance data and the most important dimensions of the individual variable pulley types. These are shown together with the various adjustment possibilities.

Numerous other applicationspecific designs are available as standard.

BERGES variable pulley systems also combined with other drive elements are your guarantee of maximum functional and operational reliability thanks to their fully-developed design and highest quality materials and workmanship.