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SIREM designs and manufactures innovative and customised electric gear motors, pumps, motorized rollers and drums, and global motorization systems for OEM and industrial customers.

Founded in 1928, SIREM employs 170 people near Lyon (France). Its human and technical resources are concentrated in a single location that combines design, manufacturing and sales teams. More than 60% of SIREMís sales are made outside of France.

Stirring milk in cooling tanks
Dairy farmers store and cool large amounts of milk, in open or closed cooling tanks of various sizes.

Homogeneous cooling requires the use of one or several motorised agitators operating at a low rotational speed to preserve the quality of milk. After cooling, the milk is maintained at low temperature (4įC).

The choice of the gear motors depends upon the volume of milk to stir, the shape of the tank and the distinctive features of the agitator blades.

Sturdiness, high reliability and lifetime operation are qualities required from the gear motors, as any failure from the stirrer can lead to the loss of several daysí worth of milk.

Preferred products
F Type, H Type, D Type, F Type, H Type, M Type, L Type, N Type

Industrial belt conveyors
Belt conveyors are used for the handling of unit loads. A typical conveyor consists of a plastic or rubber based belt wrapped around a motorized roller and a series of idler pulleys, integrated into a metal frame.

A motorized roller (also called motorized pulley or motorized drum) offers several advantages over a conventional gear motor to drive a belt conveyor: compactness, quick installation, absence of maintenance and insensitivity to dust and liquid spillage (water, oil, grease, pressure washing, etc.).

Belt conveyors are found in most industries: food, packaging, machinery, electronics, retail and distribution, etc