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Groschopp gearmotors
Groschopp Integrated Motion Solutions NEMA Gearbox


Groschopp, Inc. was founded over 70 years ago and since its beginning, has been focused on providing the most progressive motion solutions technologies for OEMs and customized motor applications. Located in Sioux Center, Iowa, they are proud to have earned a reputation for superior engineering craftsmanship and innovative, dependable, and cost-effective solutions in motors, gearmotors, reducers and integrated motion assemblies.

Products Include:

  • AC Motors & Gearmotors
  • DC Motors & Gearmotors
  • Brushless DC Motors
  • Planetary Gear Reducers
  • Universal Motors
  • Integrated Motion Assemblies
  • AC & DC Motor Controls

Groschopp's engineering expertise ranges from full OEM prototyping to highly technical MOTORTECTM performance assessment – and their industry-leading design and configuration database literally puts over 7,000 standard products and 90,000 possible designs at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. Their highly skilled engineers have experience in a wide range of OEM markets and applications:

  • Agitators & Stirrers
  • Commercial Appliances
  • Construction Tools & Machines
  • Conveyors
  • Door and Entryway Systems
  • Laboratory and Test Equipment
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Heavy Automotive Transmissions
  • Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning Equipment
  • Packaging and Sealing Machinery
  • Processing Machines
  • Pumps

Introducing the new NEMA Right Angle Gearbox

NEMA Gearbox

Sizes RA40 through RA110 have high thermal capacity die-cast aluminum housings, designed for exceptional heat dissipation. This feature, coupled with highefficiency gear design results in maximum torque output in a highly compact package. The housings are coated/painted with a rust-free powder coat paint finish.


  • Six sizes
  • Power: 1/15-10 HP
  • Ratios: 5:1 100:1
  • Torque range: 5 - 6,000 in-lbs
  • Versatile, compact design
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • High-quality, lightweight aluminium construction


  • Flexible product configurations for foot, flange and shaft mounting, with optional torque arm
  • Industry standard NEMA input flanges
  • Permanent synthetic long-life lubrication yields a maintenance-free, highly reliable speed reducer
  • Symmetrical hollow output shaft facilitates gearbox mounting and plug-in shafts
  • Quiet operation and optimum efficiency with ground finished worm shafts and precision machining