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Varvel Series RC
Varvel Series VR
Varvel Series VR/RC
Varvel Series VR/RT


VARVEL, an Italian company based in Northern Italy, manufactures speed reducers and mechanical variators.

Drive technology of VARVEL units is used wherever motion control is asked for in mechnical, tile, textile, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, woodworking, plastic, rubber industry, etc.

The most significant applications are in light industry and for fractional/medium power requirements.

Present production is centred on two helical gearbox lines, two worm gearbox series, and original mechanical dry friction variators of cone/ring type.

The manufacturing is equally shared between domestic market and exports. can supply spares or new for the following:

  • Series VR
  • Series VR/RC
  • Series VR/RS
  • Series VR/RD
  • Series VR/RT
  • Series RC
  • Series RP
  • Series XA
  • Series RD
  • Series RS
  • Series RA
  • Series RS/RS
  • Series RT
  • Series TA
  • Series RT/RT

speed variators - helical speed reducers - worm/wheel speed reducers

Varvel Series VR/RD Varvel Series VR/RS