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The BIGNOZZI Range of planetary gearboxes are built for the most severe power transmission requirements in the highest demanding applications. Among the many industries we service are the following: - earth moving machinery, road construction equipment, forestry, agricultural and plastic machines. The modular design construction allows for maximum interchangeability of standard components. - concentric shaft design, with input & output shaft rotating in the same direction regardless of the reduction stages:

Type        Production Ratio  
Single      3.5 to  7.25 :1 
Double      12  to  43 :1 
Triple      46  to 305 :1 


BIGNOZZI high torque low speed hydraulic motors works with seven radial pistons. That results is an exceptionally uniform torque, constant speed even at low r.p.m. and silent running. High starting torque. Maximum torque available in both directions. Very low inertia. High mechanical and volumetric effigies. All components are designed for a high service life. In addition to normal mineral oils non-inflammable phosphate ester based fluids and water glycol may be used. Gear wheels, pinions and any other means of transmitting power can be direct-coupled to the drive shaft, without the need for any additional bearings. External shaft loads are admissible, owing to the strong construction. Our hydraulic motors may be used in closed or open circuit and driven by piston pumps or vane pumps. On request, the motors can be supplied coupled with the negative pressure hydraulic brakes.


High pressure axial piston pumps
Series AKF fixed displacement axial piston pumps are suitable to work at very high pressure for low periods with high efficiencies. These pumps are mounted directly to the drive motor through connection couplings. No axial and radial loads are admissible an the shaft. AKF pumps are not self priming. On request they can be supplied with adaptation for an auxiliary low pressure pump, and with two or more delivery ports on the same pump. It is advisable to use mineral oils with viscosity from 10 to 50 cSt according to the working and ambient temperature. Max working temperature 70 C.