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DESCH Planetary Gears
DESCH Denox Planetary Gears


DESCH Planetary Gears

Our planetary gears are characterised by their compact size and high efficiency. Planetary change-gears provide the option of using several different transmission ratios or of interrupting the power transmission.

Switching can be mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical. These are primarily supplied to five market segments:

  • Centrifugal gears
  • Machine tool drives
  • General mechanical engineering and system construction
  • DESCH BSI bevelled gear planetary gears
  • Test bed gearbox

The benefits for you:

  • Compact size - Highest transmissible torque
  • Variable building block concept, also available in non-standard versions with customised transmission
  • Adaptable to every kind of operation: whether as bevelled gear planetary gears, spur gears or purely planetary gears in flange or foot design, with hollow shaft, solid shaft or with output-end plug toothing
  • Fatigue-free toothing enables operation under the highest loads
  • High torsion rigidity due to the double-walled planetary bearing
  • Precision drive at request with low-play toothing

DESCH Denox Planetary Gears

In this area, DGC has developed numerous drive solutions for demanding machine concepts, working in partnership with the manufacturer.

We have developed a modular concept of different, standardised levels of planetary gearing and connection systems (Denox). We can therefore respond flexibly and quickly to individual customer requests and offer prices which are right for the market. The DESCH Denox planetary gears are available in standard design with hollow input-side shaft for shrink disc connections.

The benefits for you:

  • High effectiveness
  • High power density
  • Runs quietly - High material fatigue limit
  • Coaxial - Symmetrical rotation
  • Output torque: 4,000-1,000,000 Nm

We are a leading family company in modern mechanical engineering and system construction with business areas that consolidate each other. As a market-leading partner in drive technology, we offer our discerning customers innovative and customised system solutions along the entire transmission line. As a reliable partner, we supply the highest quality and service which improves the market position of our customers. In our relevant market niches, we are leader in Germany and Europe and demonstrate strong growth in North America and other growth markets.

In the planetary and special gears, press drives and switch clutch segments we wish to strengthen our position as leaders in expertise. In doing so, we want to set ourselves apart using our leading-edge technology and our competency in consulting, in order to do justice to the increasing individualisation of the products in our customers' markets.

Furthermore, we would especially like to distinguish ourselves in the belt-driven drive components segment with our high flexibility and responsiveness as a Service Centre for industrial applications. We supervise, alongside technical trade, OEMs and end users and strive for enhancement of our market leadership in Europe in this segment as an importer and manufacturer.

As a full-service provider in the conventional services and machine diagnosis services segment, we have set ourselves apart from the competition. We will continue developing from a classic supplier to a system partner and service provider for our customers. We use our consultation expertise in order to evaluate and optimise complete drive systems beyond our own product program.