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In 1903 large spur gears for print machinery were manufactured in an Altonaer factory. This was the beginning of period of strong economic growth that led to the foundation of a new company, the Zahnradfabrik Altona Elbe GmbH in 1919.

Over the decades, ZAE, today ZAE-AntriebsSysteme, has developed into a confirmed and experienced provider of high value drive solutions with around 165 employees.

The current product range comprises:

  • Standard gear units with and without modification
  • Customized drive solutions for specific customer requirements
  • Complete drive units
  • Technical services
  • Quality claims

Quality over the whole valued added process plays an important role at ZAE: It begins with design and test bench tests within our development department, continues with the use of modern machining centres within our manufacturing and ends with a professional handover to our customers by the sales department. As is normal for the industry, ZAE is certified DIN ISO 9001/2000.

In order to fulfil our high claims, we are also in continuous consultation with our external partners. We are also active in diverse associations as well as the 'Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik' (Drive technology research association) and have a creative exchange with the technical universities.

Flexibility and speed
For our customers, it is often a competitive advantage to be able to integrate their drive solutions quickly and without complication into the corresponding application. We take this into account with intensive, flexible contact during the tendering and development phase as well as with our short and lean production process.

Worm gear units - Product concept
Worm gear units are favoured in general machinery and plant engineering. ZAE places particular importance on the quality of materials used and this ensures a:

  • Long service life
  • Above average loadability
  • High performance potential
  • Excellent smooth and emergency running characteristics
  • Minimal maintenance

All housing parts are made from high quality grey cast iron (GG20). The hollow bosses for gear unit sizes greater than 100 are made from ductile (spheroidal) graphite iron (GG42), the worm shafts are made from 16MnCrS5BB, which is hardened and ground. Worm gear unit rims are made from centrifugally cast solid bronze with nickel additives GzCuSn12Ni. This special bronze is responsible for the outstanding smooth and emergency running properties.

Advantages and features

  • 10 sizes with axle separations of 40 to 315 mm
  • 12 standard transmission ratios from 5:1 to 83:1
  • (as a double worm gear unit, up to 6890:1)
  • Drive torques up to 27,700 Nm

Model range
Gear unit models include foot, flange and hollow shaft versions with and without torque converters. The hollow shaft version is available both with feather key and also shrink-on disk connections.

Type E: Gear unit with free input shaft
Type M: Optionally available with motor flange and motor coupling for IEC motors or square flange as well as a motor coupling with a clamping set for servomotors.

Up to gear unit sizes of 125, ZAE worm gear units can be equipped with an integral, externally adjustable safety friction clutch

Bevel gear units - Product concept
Bevel gear units are favoured when unfavourable installation conditions necessitate a direction change in the transmission.

The bevel gear sets have spiral toothing and are manufactured from alloy case-hardened steel. All gear unit housings are cuboid in shape, are machined on all sides and also have mounting holes on all six sides. Additionally there is a centring fit.

Advantages and features

  • 6 sizes from 88 to 260 mm edge length
  • 4 standard transmission ratios from 1:1 to 4:1
  • Special transmission ratios upon request
  • Drive torques up to 2,400 Nm

Model range
The gear units are available with a single sided or double sided drive shaft as well as with a hollow shaft. Gear units with additional, even three dimensional shaft branches are likewise available.

Type W: Gear unit with free input shaft
Type MW: Gear unit with motor flange and coupling for IEC motors

Customer specific adjustments
In many cases, gear units are also matched to the specific guidelines of individual requirements, e.g. as a servo version with low backlash toothing or as a stainless steel version for use in industries with stringent hygiene and cleaning guidelines (foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industries).

Geared motors - Product concept
Dependent on the job specification, the ideal drive solution can be selected - essentially ZAE uses IEC motors:

  • Single stage worm geared motors
  • Helical worm geared motors
  • ETA-DRIVE (Helical worm geared motors, two or three stage)
  • Double worm geared motors
  • Bevel geared motors
  • Advantages and features
  • Powers from 0.09 - 75 kW
  • Drive speeds from 0.2 - 500 rpm
  • Drive torques up to 27,000 Nm

Model range
The ZAE modular system permits a maximum number of versions. The gear unit motors are available as foot, flange, or attachment versions, with or without torque converters