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Namiki has evolved its core technology of "Cutting, Grinding and Polishing" to the nano level. Combining this with state of the art technology, Namiki has provided DC motors, Diaphragm pumps, Vibration motors, Optical Isolators, and Sapphire substrates to the communication, semiconductor, and medical equipment markets.

Now, the world is again in transition. As global demand for safety, convenience, and concern for the environment increases, Namiki's goal is to lead the technical innovations which not only satisfy these demands but also challenge the cutting edge technology as a key provider of this movement.

Our standard product line includes instrument quality Coreless DC and Brushless motors with available gearheads, encoders and driver electronics. Namiki precision technology produces the worlds’ smallest Brushless DC motor / gearhead, with a remarkable 1.5mm diameter!

Since the development of the smallest coreless motor in 1973, Namiki has expanded their micro range to include high performance brushless motors in 1.5mm, 2mm, and 4mm sizes with slot-less construction for a smooth, and efficient operation. Our state of the art technology features micro planetary gearhaeds constructed of bulk metallic glass material designed gear materials for exceptionally long life.

Planetary and spur gearheads with the wide range of gear ratios are available for all coreless and brushless motor models. Namiki original miniature size gearheads continue to provide excellent value for applications which require low noise operation and long life.