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Sipco Mechanical Linkage Solutions

SIPCO is your source for mechanical linkage solutions. Our experience in bringing together knowledge, resources, manufacturing and assembly gives you complete solutions that fit between your load and drive systems. These solutions are a result of: our inventory of precision and standard components; ability to design and manufacture custom components; and fabrication of full working assemblies for specific applications.

SIPCO has been satisfying customers since 1984. In that time we have established a reputation for efficient service to industries using motion control, power transmission, and hydraulic systems. Today, our products are working in many applications, including robotic, packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, printing, steel, energy and material handling. Through this experience, we are continually evolving, offering new innovative solutions for high tech applications.

One Source–One Order

SIPCO offers a complete product line of standard and precision components. When you have one source, you only have to place one order to fill your mechanical linkage needs.

SIPCO product lines are:

  • TechnoGear® – precision gearing
  • TechnoDrive® – standard gearing
  • TechnoMotion® – linear movement
  • TechnoLock® – couplings and clutches
  • TechnoTeam® – components to complete systems