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Unisun International DC Motor Z
Unisun International DC Motor Z2
Unisun International DC Motor Z4

Unisun International

Development direction
Unisun takes the technological innovation as the prime power and the security development as our responsibility. Through several years' blossom, they will quicken our development strategy and make an established corporation all over the world.

1. more than 50 series of small & medium DC and AC motors to meet the demands of various industries, together with specially customized motors as per customer's demands. The motors products have been awarded for IEC, UL, CE, CSA certificates and sold to Asia, Europe, South, America and Africa.

Company Philosophy
Unisun is made of Union, New, Intelligence, Serious, Upright and Noble.

By their acute keen insight to the market trends & With their diligent earnest work to Gain constant faithful reputation through out the world.

  • YTSP Motor
  • DC Motor Z
  • DC Motor Z2
  • DC Motor Z4
  • DC Motor ZFQZ
  • DC Motor ZSN4
  • DC Motor ZZJ-800
  • DC Motor ZYZJ
  • AC Motor
  • Crane Motor ZY - ZYR
  • Crane Motor ZYRE
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Explosion Proof Motor YBD2
  • Planetary gear reducer

Unisun International DC Motor ZFQZ Unisun International YTSP Motor