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SPG have high quality AC-, BLDC and PMDC-motors in a power range of 6-200W. In addition the range consist C-frame geared motors as well as AC- and BLDC-Fan motors.


Our most popular motors are single or 3-phase asynchronous motors with spur gears. We have these motors from 6 W to 200W (frame sizes 60-90mm). Motors can be standard induction-, reversible-, brake- or speed control motors.

In addition to AC-motors we have a wide range of PMDC-motors, either standard with spur gear or fully customized.

The latest remarkable development in our range is a Standard BLDC-Motor range with long life spur gears and drives.

Standard AC & DC-Motors

Induction Motors
The most common AC-Motors, single or three phase winding. 6 W - 200 W.

Reversible Motors
Single phase motors for applications where a quick reversing is needed. 6 W - 90 W.

Terminal Box Motors
Both Induction motors and Reversible motors are available with Terminal Box.

Electromagnetic Brake Motors
For applications where a prompt stop and holding torque, or one of them are needed. 6W - 90W

Single Phase Speed Control Motors
For applications where simple and local, though precise speed control is needed. Power range 6-90 W. Can be equipped with Electromagnetic Brake.

Permanent Magnet DC-Motors
Stock range 6 W - 150 W 12 or 24 V. 3000 rpm for direct use 1800 rpm for gearboxes.

Gears for Standard AC & DC-Motors

60 mm A-Series
for 6W AC-motors and 6-15W DC-motors with 60 mm frame size. Max. torque 2,94Nm. Decimal gearhead available.

70 mm A-Series
for 15W, 70 mm frame size AC-motors. Max. torque 4,9Nm

80 mm A-Series
for 15W and 25W AC-motors with 80 mm frame size as well as for 25W and 40W DC. Motors with 80 mm frame size. Max.torque 7,84Nm. Decimal gearhead available.

90 mm B-Series
for 40W, 90mm frame size AC- and DC-motors. Max. torque 9,80Nm. Decimal gear head available.

90 mm C-Series
for 60W - 120W AC- and DC-motors. Max torque 19,60Nm. Decimal geared available.

90 mm D-Series
for 60W - 120W AC- and DC-motors. Max torque 29,42Nm. Decimal geared available.

90 mm H-Series
for 150W - 200W AC-motors and for 150W DC-motors. Max torque 29,42Nm.

Standard BLDC-motors

Our range of BLDC motors consists both inner rotor and outer rotor models.

The major difference between those two types is that the inertia is smaller in the inner rotor models, hence they are recommended for more dynamic applications.

Outer rotor models are good to use in pump and cooling applications where a constant or slowly adjusted speed is required.

Applications for BLDC motors are above mentioned pumps and fans when either DC supply or easy speed control is required. For example evaporator fan motors in commercial cooling units are very suitable applications due to easy speed control and a long life time.

AC & DC Spurgear Motors for OEM-Customers

Geared DC- and C-frame motors
There are C-frame motors from a stack height 15mm to 50mm.

There are motors for continuous duty as well as for intermittent duty according to customers specifications.

The gearboxes can deliver torque from 2Nm to 20Nm depending on the gear type. The DC-Motors in this range are small, less than 10W and the gearboxes can deliver torque up to 1,5Nm.

These motors are mainly made for OEM customers and are often modified according to customers needs, hence they are not stock items and require a larger order. Naturally samples can be supplied in small quantities.

Applications for these items are vending machines, catering machines e.g. coffee machines etc. Pellet burners in various countries are also a great application for these motors, particularly with our SF-Gear.

AC Fan-Motors for OEM customers
There is a wide range of different motors for different fan-applications. Applications can be refrigerators, air conditioners etc.

Our Fan Motor range includes Shaded Pole C-Frame Motors, Round Shaded Pole Motors as well as Capacitor Run Induction Motors.

These are motors for big volumes and are more often than not made according to customers specifications.

Power range for these motors is from 5W C-frame motors to about 600W Induction Motors.