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Leroy Semor

470 sales and service outlets testify to LEROY-SOMER's strong commercial presence in all international markets

LEROY-SOMER has a presence on the North-American continent through the distribution network set up with US Motors, which is also a subsidiary of the main group shareholder, Emerson.

These networks include a number of partners: distributors, service centres, design offices and engineering offices.


  • 3000 range
  • Electromechanical drive systems
  • Drives with rack and pinion transmission
  • COMPABLOC 1700 Helical geared motor
  • MULTIBLOC 2000 Worm and wheel geared motor
  • MULTIBLOC 2101 Worm geared motor
  • POULIBLOC 2000 Shaft mount speed reducer
  • MINIBLOC MVBE Fractional horsepower helical worm geared motor