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Cone Drive

Cone Drive is the world leader in double enveloping worm gear technology, which delivers drive solutions with the highest torque and shock load capacity in the smallest amount of space.

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Worm Gear Reducers
Worm Gear Reducers from Cone Drive set the industry standard for dependability. With innovative technologies such as Conex Helicoidal and our true double-enveloping geometries, our worm gear speed reducers can not be beat for compactness and shock load.

worm gear model hp

Worm Gear Model HP
Model HP double-enveloping worm gear speed reducers are designed for all applications that require extremely high torque and accuracy in a quiet, compact package.

worm gear series b

Worm Gear Series B
The Series B Conex Helicoidal right angle geared motors and reducers provide a highly flexible and compact solution to meet the low to medium power range.

worm duo drive

Worm Gear DuoDrive
Pinch roll reducers use one worm on the power input shaft to turn two gears simultaneously, in opposite rotations.

worm gear extruder drive

Worm Gear Extruder Drive
This convenient thrust arrangement is integrally mounted within the Double Enveloping Worm Gear Reducer to produce a rugged, compact extruder drive package.

worm gear model hp

Worm Gear Model HP Gearsets
Standard and non-standard gearsets are available for incorporating into your custom machine or applications.

Gear Motors
Cone Drive offer a wide range of gear motors to suit your engineering needs and our gear motors are available in helical inline, shaft mounted and right angle helical.

series m gear motor

Gear Motor Series M
Series M in line gear motors and reducers provide a very efficient and compact drive solution to meet most requirements up to 90 kW with maximum output torque capacity of 11,000 Nm.

series c gear motor

Gear Motor Series C
Right angle helical worm gear motors and reducers offer high efficiency combined with compact design to meet nearly all demands expected in the industrial arena.

Shaft Mounted Gear Motor
The Series F Gear motor is primarily supplied as a shaft mounted unit incorporating an integral torque reaction bracket. The units are also available with bolt-on feet or output flanges and output shafts of single and double extension.

Series K Gear Motor
Series K right angle drive helical bevel helical gear motors offer a series of speed reducing geared motors with high load carrying capacities, increased efficiency, quiet running and reliability.

Industrial Gearbox
Cone Drive offers two types of industrial gearbox, covering standard duty through to heavier duty and severe duty applications seen in some of the world's most inhospitable mining sites.

Industrial Gearbox Series G
Helical parallel shaft and bevel helical right angle drive industrial gearbox meet the requirements of today's demanding applications where a high power to size ratio is required in medium duty applications.

Industrial Gearbox Series H
Available in both parallel and right angle configurations with single, double, triple or quadruple reduction gear stages, Series H industrial gearbox is designed to satisfy heavier duty applications and can be easily adapted to exactly match specific application related needs.

Servo Drive
Servo drives from Cone Drive benefit from the expertise and innovation of our more traditional brands. Available in both right angle and inline configurations, coupled with the availability of multiple precision levels, you are sure to find the right product for your application.

servo whisper drive

Servo WhisperDrive Series W
A very quiet, very accurate, right angle premium high precision servo gearhead. When these gearheads run, all you hear is your motor.

servo drive series p

Servo Drive Series P
High precision inline planetary servo gearheads provide high precision performance for your most demanding motion control application.

Servo Drive Model RG

Servo Drive Model RG
Model RG has double-enveloping gearing with hollow shaft standard for easy mounting and Integrated Motor Flange for easy motor mounting.

Servo Drive Model HP

Servo Drive Model HP
The new model HP servo motor adapter designed with the customer in mind and to make the mounting of a servo motor easier

Servo Drive Series E

Servo Drive Series E
Inline planetary gearheads provide an economical solution for less demanding, general automation drive applications. Great performance, great value.

Servo Drive Series K3

Servo Drive Series K3
Series K3 Servo Drive is an inline helical gear head providing an economical servo solution for your general automation applications.

Servo Drive Series M3

Servo Drive Series M3
Series M3 Servo Drive is a right angle helical bevel helical gear head providing economical solution for your general automation applications. The Series M3 will provide you with complete flexibility in design

Servo Zero Backlash Gearsets

Servo Zero Backlash Gearsets
Many Cone Drive products are available with Absolute Zero Backlash worm gearsets, double-enveloping worm gear speed reducers with pre-loaded split worm.