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Mönninghoff high-precision clutches, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings


When Richard Mönninghoff began in 1916 to manufacture machinery for the mining industry, he was already involved in drive equipment, which had to be designed to cope with the most extreme loads in mining operations.

In the meantime the Mönninghoff machine factory has developed to become one of the leading companies specialising in high-precision clutches, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings and actuators which operate reliably in applications all over the world.

Printing money, baking bread rolls, knitting pullovers, milling gear wheels, bottling beer, binding books, locking gates, filling cigarettes with tobacco, printing newspapers, weaving materials, labelling tubes, cutting foils, painting cars, tying sausages, sealing bags - for each sector of mechanical engineering we manufacture drive systems which are first and foremost aimed at solving our customer's problem.

What we have to offer machine manufacturers is qualified, innovative engineering, uncompromising quality in production and comprehensive service on all continents.

We sell engineering, with hardware as an added bonus.

In the end, our company's success is down to our customers' demands for highly complex, application-specific solutions.

The customised engineering required in developing such solutions has enabled us to collect a wide range of experiences and skills over the years, which we can offer to all sectors of the mechanical and systems engineering industries. And the more intensive the dialogue and exchange of ideas with our customers' design engineers, the better we can achieve this. We feel privileged to be in this position, whereby we help our customers to make technological advances on the basis of trend setting innovations, as this is what constantly spurs us on in our development work.

Our detailed, customer-specific design process logically results in a range of product versions which can only be manufactured cost-effectively using modern, highly flexible machinery, with the added support of an extensive measuring and testing facility.

Mönninghoff tooth and friction clutches, with either electromagnetic or pneumatic engagement, are available in a range of versions which meet the requirements of all today’s mechanical engineering applications.

Whether it’s tooth clutches with fixed point switching for precise synchronization, rugged pole face friction clutches to be combined with internal-combustion engines or multiple disc clutches for switching at a differential speed and in oil operation – you can obtain an optimum clutch design for practically every application, characterised by compact dimensions, high torque transfer and absolute reliability.

We make it our business to meet the maximum precision requirements of printing machines, packaging machines, textile machines and medical engineering applications, as well as the extremely stringent safety standards for door-mounted operating mechanisms, ski lifts or aeronautical engineering.

Clutches (positive)

Info General information about tooth clutches

General information about tooth clutches. Toothforms, design notes and selection.

Type 546 Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch without slip ring

Type 549 Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch backlash-free

Type 550 Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch with slip ring

Type 560 Electromagnetic Tooth Holding Brake

Type 543 Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch without slip ring (EZSa)

Type 544 Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch with slip ring (EZMa)

Type 547 Spring-applied Tooth Clutch without slip ring (SFZ)

Type 548 Spring-applied Tooth Clutch with slip ring

Type 675 Pneumatic Tooth Clutch

Type 677 Pneumatic Tooth Clutch

Type 577 Spring-applied Tooth Clutch pneumatically released

Type 579 Spring-applied Tooth Holding Brake pneumatically released

Type 679 Pneumatic Tooth Holding Brake

Clutches (non-positive)

Type 450 Pole Face Friction Clutch

Type 521 Electromagnetic Disc Clutch without slip ring (ELSa)

Type 522 Electromagnetic Disc Clutch (ELKa)

Type 532 Electromagnetic Disc Brake (ELKa)

Type 572 Spring-applied Disc Clutch

Type 501 Electromagnetic Disc Clutch without slip ring, permeated

Type 502 Electromagnetic Disc Clutch, permeated

Type 512 Electromagnetic Disc Brake, permeated

Mönninghoff torque limiters prevent machine downtimes and damage to high-quality machines, tools or workpieces which would occur in the event of an overload or a crash. We ensure an above-average repeatability and service life, even over long run times and where the overload function is operated frequently.

Our design office and testing facility carefully customize every one of a wide range of applications, from high-precision mechanical engineering to the luxury interiors of top-class cars and the harsh environments in which construction machinery is used, to the particular conditions and requirements of the case in question.

Torque Limiter (positive)

Type 580 SecMatic-Coupling free-released

Type 588 SecMatic-Coupling with spring-plate

Type 585 SecMatic-Coupling backlash-free

Type 320 Torque-Tender-Coupling

Torque Limiter (non-positive)

Type 581 Multiplate-Torque-Limiter

Multiplate-torque-limiter with infinitely adjustable overload-protection.

Type 584 Multiplate-Torque-Limiter with flexible element

Type 322 SecuRex Torque-Limiter

Mönninghoff shaft couplings with flexible circular membranes or torsionally-flexible elastomer elements serve to compensate for misalignments in the drive train or for shock loads and critical oscillations.

In every case – including with alternating directions of rotation – the torque is transferred free of play. A number of connectors, clamp connections or clamping sets allow for easy and safe connection to components provided by the customer.

By combining these extremely compact, maintenance-free connecting elements with a flexible, modular approach and offering a vast array of materials, we are able to cater for a whole range of industrial applications, from the smallest servo engineering drives to the kinds of shaft connections found in marine engineering contexts, which are subject to high loads.

Couplings (torsionally flexible)

Type 313 HexaFlex-Coupling

Type 323 HexaFlex-Coupling (with spacer)

Type 333 HexaFlex-Spacer-Coupling

Type 315-325-335 LJ-Coupling

Couplings (torsionally stiff)

Type 318 ServoFlex-Coupling (Steel)

Type 328 ServoFlex-Coupling (Aluminium)

Type 338 ServoFlex-Coupling (Aluminium)

Type 314 ArcOflex-Coupling

Clamping Sets

Typ 354-356 ArcOgrip-Clamping Set A-C