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A company keeps pace through the ages. From the iron foundry established back in 1708 has grown a modern enterprise employing an international workforce of over 2800, which today offers customer-oriented products in the fields of foundry technology, steel profiles, transmission technology and mechanical engineering elements.

Then as now, the name ZOLLERN stands for quality, customer proximity and technical know-how. And we still continue to attach particular importance to comprehensive consultancy and customer proximity - whether in determining the best design for your gears, precision castings and slide bearings, or in choosing the most suitable material.

Our drawn Steel profiles, for instance, are produced to your specific requirements: From the simple DIN profile to the ready-to-mount, complex special profile.

Today, the modern Foundry technology business unit works with a wide range of different alloys from copper through steel to aluminium. In this field, different wrought copper products and castings are produced: These include forged components as well as investment and vacuum investment castings and sand, shell moulding and centrifugal castings. And if you require a cast of your rapid prototyping model we will be pleased to cast it for you in the material of your choice.

Our Transmission technology business unit specializes in the product groups slide bearings, gears and winches according to customer specification, as well as linear elements for automation technology.

And finally to our Mechanical engineering elements: These section complements our range with steel shafts, flat and round guides: Like the profiles, they are up to eight metres long and individually machined.

All products can be finish machined in-house as well as heat and surface treated. Even completely mounted assemblies can be supplied.

Slewing units

  • Construction cranes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Cable-operated excavators
  • Mobile cranes
  • Hoists
  • Rail-bound cranes
  • Fire engines
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Offshore cranes
  • Shipboard cranes
  • Four-rope suspension grabs
  • Access platforms
  • Stackers
  • Wind power stations

Rope winches

  • Construction cranes
  • Drilling equipment
  • Diaphragm wall cutters
  • Cable channel ploughs
  • Mobile cranes
  • Rail-bound cranes
  • Rescue and salvage truck cranes
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Offshore cranes
  • Shipboard cranes
  • Grabbing cranes
  • Sailing yachts
  • Dredgers Looping tracks

Free fall winches

  • Drilling equipment
  • Cable-operated excavators
  • Hydraulic drilling equipment
  • Drilling and piling gear

Industrial gears

  • Inclined shaft drilling machines
  • Trepanning machines
  • Tunnel driving machines
  • Rolling mills
  • Forging manipulators

Lifeboat winches

  • Lifeboat cranes
  • ZOLLERN-rescue-winches


  • Special gears
  • Manrider winches
  • Drilling equipment

Linear Drive modules

  • Standard range of linear drives for modular build systems
  • Horizontal and Vertical solutions for a wide range of applications
  • Rugged, robust, precise, heavy-duty drive units
  • Robot slides
  • Telescopic linear solutions
  • Customised special solutions
  • Toothed belt or rack and pinion drives
  • Loads 1 to 5,000 kg

Multi-axis drive modules, gantry robots

  • Linear gantries
  • Multi-directional gantries
  • Overhead transfer
  • High capacity gantries
  • Large gantries
  • Jib gantries
  • Multi-axis systems
  • Drives, cable chains, wiring, grippers, rotating and swivelling actuators

Fabrication equipment/systems solutions

  • Turnkey projects with NC and SPC controls from one supplier
  • Development of customised automation solutions
  • Multi-axis gantry systems for loading/unloading machining centres
  • Machine erection, commissioning and commissioning support
  • References in all industriesComplete handling systems solutions with conveyors, guards and controls.

Technical Specifications

  • Loads 1 to 5,000 Kg
  • High speeds to 10 m/s and acceleration to 20 m/sē
  • Repeatability:
    >= +- 0,02 mm with rack and pinion drive
    >= +- 0,1 mm with toothed belt drive
  • Rack and pinion or toothed belt drives
  • Jointless, Hardened and Ground slides and guides to 8m in length (our own manufacture) Rail guideways
  • Torsion-proof support structures in aluminium or steel
  • Multiple carriages: coupled or independent on each guideway
  • Accessories: drives, cable chains, wiring, electrical control, grippers, safety fixtures