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Marland has been producing overrunning clutches since 1931. Primary Marland products are backstops, clutches and clutch couplings utilizing either the principle of cylindrical rollers on inclined cam planes for low speed applications or sprag technology for high speed requirements.

CEBMAG Backstops
Automatic freewheeling allows emergency torque through reverse direction. Unit acts as a releasable torque absorbing backstop clutch to gently release great loads, such as a cement kiln.

HB Clutches
Automatic freewheel clutch mounted on hydrodynamic brake. Allows brake to work only when lowering loads from draw works cable reel.

CECON Clutches
CECON Clutches (CECON = Completely Enclosed for Continuous Operation)

Marland One-Way CECON Clutches are designed for applications where one or more of the following conditions exist:

Features and Benefits

Disconnect Feature:
Both CEUS and CEUHS CECONS are available with a disconnect feature that provides physical separation of the input and output shafts. This allows maintenance to be performed on the non-energized driver while the disconnect CECON is locked out in the disconnect position. This feature complies with OSHA requirements.

Other features include: