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Dietz Electric Motors

Dietz offer you a wide range of motors, including system motors, smooth bodied motors, test bench motors, reluctance motors, permanent magnet motors, water cooled motors, oil cooled motors, and custom designed motors.

Their customers obtain the complete range of services for drive units, starting with the design and construction, then the testing and evaluation of the prototype in our laboratory, through to the quality controlled production and delivery.

As with the motors they also offer a wide range of low pressure fans, medium pressure fans and high pressure fans.

DIETZ fans, ventilators and blowers cover a wide range of applications.

Their palette includes frequency inverters, thereby enabling an optimal fit to the process characteristics.

Reluctance Motors

Here you will find reluctance motors that can be incorporated into a wide spectrum of applications.

Reluctance motors offer a viable and cost effective alternative in many applications, where several motors must operate at synchronised speeds.

Dietz designs Reluctance motors with high ratings by utilising specially optimised laminations and machining processes.

DIETZ Reluctance Motors are available for mains or inverter supply.

Additional flexibility is offered with various housing forms and with options like brakes, encoder systems, forced cooling, etc...

Housing forms:

  • Finned cooling
  • Smooth bodied, non-ventilated
  • Smooth bodied, water cooled

If your applications require high efficiency as well as very high torques, consider the advantages of the switched reluctance motor which can be used when combined with the appropriate electronic control.

Smooth Bodied Motors ........ available in IE2/IE3

DIETZ Smooth Bodied Motors offer advantages that prove particularly useful in the textile and food industries. These advantages include resistance to dust and thread accumulation, the lack of turbulent air created by the motor, and simplified cleaning.

DIETZ Smooth Bodied Motors in the water cooled version also have the added advantages of a high power to volume/weight ratio while maintaining a very low in situ heat emission.

Alongside asynchronous motors, smooth bodied motors are also available as synchronous versions as in reluctance, switched reluctance and permanent magnet.