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Haitec Gearboxes

Haitec Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd

Haitec specialize in making all ratios of gearboxes. All our worm gears are manufactured under Italian technical background to provide premium quality and maximum durability.

They are suitable for food, leather, textile, glass, pottery, medical, chemical and light industries and other machinery facilities. They are especially suitable for all types of automation line transmission.

General Features

RV series of worm geared motor that Haitec produce include NHRV and NRV.

Their performance features:

  • Excellent performance, simple structure, small cubage and high efficiency
  • Easy to mount and maintain
  • Wide output reduction ratio, large torque and good capability of enduring overloads
  • Running stably, low noise and wearing well
  • Wide applicability and enough safe dependability

Critical applications

It is also necessary to take into consideration of and carefully assess the following applications.

  • Applications with especially high inertia
  • Applications with high dynamic strain on the case of the reduction unit
  • In place with temperature under -10C or over 60C
  • Use in environments pressures other than atmospheric pressure
  • Avoid applications where even partial immersion of the reduction unit is required

Worm geared motor of RV series

NMRVWorm Geared Motor
NRVWorm Reduction Unit
FAOutput flange
PAMFitted for motor coupling
VSDouble input shaft
ASSingle output shaft
ABDouble output shaft
B3Mounting position