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Shimpo Drives, Inc.

Shimpo Drives, Inc., a subsidiary of Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation, is a leading manufacturer/supplier of quality industrial drive products.

Global Connections/Services
Centrally based in Itasca, Illinois, Shimpo Drives is committed to providing superior products and ultimate customer service:

  • Worldwide manufacturing facilities through Nidec-Shimpo Corporation
  • 200 distributor locations throughout North and Latin America
  • Same day shipment on all stock reducers
  • Knowledgeable inside and field sales and technical support staff
  • Extensive technical assistance
  • Local field service capabilities

ABLE Servo Planetary Gear Reducer
The Able Gear Reducer is the perfect solution for servomotor applications such as packaging machines, gantries, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides.

Offered in concentric shaft, right angle solid shaft, and right angle hollow shaft designs with modular adaptor flanges and keyless compressible bushings to easily mount to any manufacturer's servo motor.

CIRCULUTE 3000® Reducer

The Circulute 3000 Reducer is Shimpo’s next generation cycloidal speed reducer. It utilizes 52100 grade bearing steel on all of its speed reduction components. It is offered with a full two year warranty, not limited by hours of operation, and is able to endure abuse that would break the teeth of ordinary speed reducers. The Circulute 3000, readily available with inputs for both servo and induction motors, features a compact design with single reduction ratios of 11:1 to 71:1 at 95% operating efficiency. Offered in two backlash ratings and multiple mounting options, the Circulute 3000 has a design tough enough for both servo and standard induction motor applications. The unique two piece pin housing design guarantees output shaft backlash ratings of less than 6 arc-min.

Applications suited for the Circulute 3000 Reducer include machine tools, rotary valves, feeders, rotary tables, steel industry roll drives, mixers, grinders, dryers, and conveyors.

RXC Adjustable Speed Drive
The RXC Adjustable Speed Drive is a mechanical variable speed drive utilizing a ring and cone power train. The drive consists of an input disc, a set of planetary cones, a control ring, the cam disc and a pressure control cam. This unique design provides a speed range of 0 - 800 RPM.

The RXC offers increased low speed torque, 500% starting torque and a 200% overload capacity throughout its entire speed range. It is ideally suited for rugged, trouble free service in the worst environments including explosion proof, chemical processing and washdown applications.

Applications suited for the RXC Adjustable Speed Drive include rotary feeders, blenders, progressive cavity pumps, conveyors, and any other application requiring high starting torque, increased low speed torque and wide speed ranges.