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Motovario gearbox
Motovario gearbox
Motovario gearbox


Reliability, strength, versatility, and innovation. These are the characteristics that identify Motovario as the answer to all your power application requirements.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology and ongoing research, as well as up-to-date productive structure, Motovario has developed a complete range of transmission components. Competence and responsibility combined with over 40 years of experience has allowed us to reach a standard of quality that ensures Motovario is at the top of the European and indeed the international market.

Motovario's high quality reducers, gearmotors and AC motors are recognized not only for their reliable performance but also for the value they add to their customers. Motovario continues to exceed their customers' expectations and remain the Innovative Team in Power Transmission.

Since Motovario’s first drives, mechanical variable speed drives produced in 1965, Motovario has developed a vast range of products and has won acclaim in all areas of the industry. Motovario is now a global leader in the manufacture and sale of constant speed drives. Continuous research has also led to new innovations in enclosed gearing with the SmartBoxTM line of reducers.

Motovario SmartBoxTM was designed to be the most competitive high-efficiency gear reducer series in today's market. SmartBoxTM is built with standardized parts, sharing gears, shafts, input sets and output flanges to simplify the production process and improve delivery. The interchangeable parts make SmartBoxTM gear reducers the most flexible reducer series available. Designed for continuous duty and use in harsh or stressful applications , SmartBoxTM reducers can be easily adapted for any application.

SmartBoxTM introduces key design changes that reflect Motovario's commitment to innovation. The new flexible motor coupling design eliminates fretting corrosion, increases the input oil seal's life, reduces vibration at the input shaft and easily adapts for NEMA, IEC and servo motor applications.

All SmartBoxTM reducers feature one-piece castings of the main housing that enable the reducer to transmit more torque, as well distributing loads better and increasing overhung load ratings. The SmartBoxTM helical-bevel series is designed for more precise gear mesh and the elimination of gear deflection. SmartBoxTM is the most innovative gear reducer line on the market today.

Motovario manufactures a complete line of IEC and NEMA type AC motors, worm, in-line helical and helical-bevel gear reducers and gearmotors. Motovario's cast aluminum alloy gear reducer housings have revolutionized the power transmission industry. Motovario’s designs are industry revolutions, providing customers with reliable, powerful gearing at affordable prices.

Motovario Corporation is dedicated to producing and distributing the industry's finest gear reducers, gearmotors, mechanical variable speed drives and related products and to providing the best and fastest customer service in the power transmission industry.

Worm geared motors series: NMRV - SW - PCWorm geared motor
In-line helical geared motors series: H - HA - SH
Helical bevel geared motors series: B - BA
Parallel shaft mounted geared motor series: S
Speed variators series: TXF - S
Speed variators and gear reducers series: VH - VHA
Electrical motors series: T - D - S