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Plaromaster MR
Plaromaster MR
planetdrive PD
planetdrive PD
geared motor


Planetroll stands for more than 30 years of competence and experience in the field of power transmission technology. Well-known global customers of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, stirring technology, pump and automation technology, as well as food industry and varnishing industry are focused on our innovative technology. Our continuous research and development provides the basis for being the leading supplier of explosion-proof drive units according to ATEX 95. In this regard, our products meet with the steadily increasing hygiene demands.

Plaromaster MR The infinitely variable speed gearbox

Explosion-proof according to the European Explosion-Protection Directive 94/9/EC, also named ATEX 95 (previously 100a)

  • 7 construction sizes
  • power range from 0.027 up to 7.5 kW
  • strictly brought into line with the ATEX specifications
  • developed for explosion zones (Ex) 1 (gas) and 21 (dust) according to Explosion-Protection Directive 94/9/EC
  • external control of gear unit according to ATEX not necessary
  • motor in flame-proof enclosure for application in zone 1 and 21 not necessary
  • meets GMP, FDA and BISSC requirements
  • adjustable from output rotational speed n2=zero up to n2=max.
  • also adjustable at rest to n2=zero and n2=max.
  • highest starting and break-away torque from speed zero
  • output torque up to 50,000 Nm in connection with an appropriate reduction gear
  • precise rotational speed setting - exactly reproducible
  • linear setting characteristic
  • high speed stability of the selected rotational speed by means of integrated thermical compensation
  • pure rolling of the transmission parts - no friction
  • no slippage of gear unit
  • in and output shaft are coaxial and have the same direction of rotation
  • optional direction of rotation
  • protective system IP 65
  • configured for applications in low temperature areas
  • rotational speed setting by means of manual operating element or electric remote control
  • configured for all mounting positions

Planetdrive PD The low-backlash explosion-proof planetary gearhead

The deciding advantages
High reliability, short delivery time as well as flexible mounting system - planetroll® quality at an economical price.

The new technology
A self centring planetary reducer with flange adapter system and integrated axial length compensation.

The capabilities
A planetary gearhead with a wide range of uses, meets ATEX, GMP and BISSC standard requirements. Developed for servo motor mounting, IEC and special motor mounting.

  • 5 construction sizes: PD040 up to PD155
  • output rated torques from 4 Nm up to 435 Nm
  • acceleration torques up to 670 Nm
  • torsional backlash up to < 10 armin
  • reduction ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1
  • triple emergency stop torque
  • service life 20,000 h
  • high efficiency
  • configured for intermittent and continuous operation
  • axial length compensation
  • configured for all mounting positions
  • maintenance-free by lifetime lubrication
  • simple mounting of servo, IEC and special motors by clamping ring technology
  • 3-stage planetary gearheads on request

Geared motors

All products can also be delivered in explosion-proof execution according to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).

For the large number of different geared motor variants offered by planetroll®, please contact our consultancy service team.