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Can-Am Chains


The Best Value in Chain Products Available on The Market Today!!!

Can-Am Chains is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of welded steel, specialty chains and attachments, sleeve bearings and sprockets, for the forest products industry. From Pulp and Paper to Saw Mills to Oriented Strand Board and Engineered Wood Products, Can-Am Chains has a reputation for performance and reliability. Can-Am chains are designed and constructed to perform in such rugged chain conveyor applications as log-decks, transfer decks, un-scramblers and drive applications of all types. Whenever chain performance means productivity Can-Am Chains Deliver!

Today, Can-Am Chains has over 200,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity. One manufacturing plant is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The other two manufacturing facilities are located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Can-am roller chains


CAN-AM SHARP TOP ROLLER CHAIN for applications that demand quality, durability and performance. All CAN-AM Sharp Top Roller Chains exceed ANSI and British Standards and are exact replacements for new and existing Sharp Top Roller Chain applications.


Can-am welded chains


Range of Welded Chains:

Can-Am Welded Steel Chains

Can-Am Welded Steel Chains provide an economical and superior replacement for most cast chain applications. They will normally operate over the same sprockets and in the same channel as their cast chain equivalents. Besides being more economical, Welded Steel Chain has the advantages of:

For higher impact strength and greater wear resistance, use fully heat treated or induction hardened chain.

Heat treated and induction hardened

Can-Am welded steel chains are available from stock with fully heat treated parts and/or induction hardened parts. For maximum chain life in severe applications including heavy impact loading, high speed requirements, capacity loads, or abrasive conditions, some or all of your Can-Am chain will benefit from specific heat treatment.

Heat treating of Can-Am steel chain will increase the wearability and prolong the life of your chain, thus reducing down time and minimizing maintenance problems. More Technical Information on heat treatment and induction hardening can be found in Maintenance & Technical Information.

Through heat treating and induction hardening

Used individually or combined, the two types of heat treating Can-Am Chain can dramatically increase chain life.

IMPACT - Through heat treated chain (to the proper hardness) will improve impact strength two or three times.

STRENGTH - Heat treated sidebars will increased strength by 20-30%.

WEAR - In a non-abrasive environment heat treated chain will give up to 50% greater wear life. Reduction of elongation of side bar holes can be achieved by induction hardening the hole perimeter. In a non-abrasive environment, induction hardened chain will give several times greater wear life.

Can-am roller chains

Range of Roller Chains:

Can-Am Roller Steel Chains

Our chains are made in order to following standards:

Can-am roller chains are made to our own very high standards, using steles especially selected for fatigue strength and exceptional long life

provides the power to perform because it has been engineered to exceed the industry’s highest standards. delivers leading edge solutions with over 100 years of advanced engineering knowledge and experience.

Some of the features and benefits of Precision Roller Chain include the following: