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Flender is a leader in the field of power transmission technology. Its pioneering power products have been used by leading companies worldwide for decades. Our culture is one of continuous improvement and a dedication to innovation in the power transmission field.

A huge variety of standard products are backed up by the ability to plan, design, manufacture and commission systems to suit customers' precise requirements

Flender Products & Services

Flender couplings cover virtually every engineering application. Products include:

  • N-EUPEX - a flexible pin coupling for compensating shaft misalignments where drives have to be easily disconnected due to failure of flexible elements. These are widely used with pump drives or power packs, in high speed applications such as mills.
  • BIPEX - a compact, flexible coupling for high speed use - such as in hydraulic drives, geared motors, pump drives and drives for railway vehicles.
  • RUPEX - a flexible pin and bush coupling for medium to high torque use. Ideal in cranes, conveyors, screw pumps, cable railways, mixers and cement processing machines.
  • ELPEX and ELPEX-B - highly flexible ring and tyre couplings for drives used in internal combustion engines, construction vehicles, piston compressors and piston pumps. These are useful for drives with high shock loads or large shaft misalignments.
  • ZAPEX - an oil and grease lubricated universal gear coupling for rolling mills, paper machines, cement mills, agitators, pumps, blowers, dredgers, conveyors, steelworks, compressors, turbines and other heavy machinery construction.
  • ARPEX - an all-steel coupling for high speed, high torque use, such as on paper machines and in materials handling, ventilators and blowers.
  • FLUDEX - a fluid coupling with soft start torque limitation during start and overload and excellent vibration separation and shock damping. Ideal for conveyors, mixers, pumps, bucket wheel excavators and PTO generator drives.

Motox Geared Motors
The new generation of Motox compact geared motors provides higher torque output, quieter running, improved integrity of sealing and a longer working life. The range includes:

  • Helical geared motors
  • Worm geared motors
  • Drives for overhead monorail systems
  • Modular adjustable v-belt drive gear motors
  • Geared motors for immersed installation
  • Modular helical bevel geared motors
  • Parallel shaft helical geared motors
  • Modular friction drive variations
  • Geared motors for cooling tower applications
  • Energy efficient geared motors to eff1
  • ATEX-compliant geared motors for explosive atmospheres

Motox SC
This is a new range of worm gear motors and worm gear units that enhances the Motox range. Motox SC units provide economical high performance and output. They incorporate all the technical advantages of the renowned Flender Cavex worm gear design, as well as being flexible, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Flender Cavex worm gear units have a concave profile and cylindrical worm with enveloping wheel that provides low specific tooth pressure. All are available with flange options for mounting motors in helical or worm gear combinations, or double-worm gear units. They provide high power and high efficiency with fully interchangeable component parts, reliable lubricated roller bearings, shafts, gear teeth and bearings. Low noise emissions and smooth running combine to ensure a long service life.

FZG Gear Units
These helical and bevel helical gear units combine high power capacity with high reliability and are available in parallel shaft or right angle configuration. Single piece housings, large contact areas and ground gears (including bevel gears), ensure exceptionally low noise levels and lower running temperatures. Fewer oil changes reduce maintenance costs.

New UK-wide fast-track service available from Bradford of four key sizes (4, 5, 7 & 8) from the 24-strong range. When combined with Siemens eff1 efficiency motors, the FZG proves one of the most efficient gear drives on the market.

Planetary gear units for horizontal and vertical mounting positions are available in two and three stage designs in more than 20 sizes. These are particularly useful in roller press, slewing mechanism, steel band rolling and apron conveyor drives.