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Onvio Gearboxes

Onvio Gearboxes and speed reducers

Onvio's corporate headquarters are located in Salem, New Hampshire USA in a brand new 45,000 sq ft facility which houses all engineering and design of Onvio products, including cycloidal reducers, planetary gearboxes and timing belt pulleys.

For nearly 30 years, Onvio products have served customers throughout the precision automation industries.

Markets served include:

  • Medical Automation - Imaging, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals
  • Robotics – Military / Defense, Industrial, Unmanned Vehicles
  • Packaging and Food Processing
  • Postal Automation and Sortation
  • Material Handling and Conveying
  • Machine Tool and Precision Indexing
  • Printing and Converting
  • Semiconductor Fabrication and Handling
  • All Sectors of Automation and Motion Control
  • Onvio is the premier U.S. manufacturer of high precision planetary gearboxes,
  • cycloidal reducers and timing belt pulleys.

Helical Tooth Planetary

Onvio's new helical planetary gearbox offers unparalleled performance offering the largest tapered roller bearing construction in the industry!

Our manufacturing is flexible, engineered in house, and compliant.

Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Onvio's DojenTM cycloidal speed reducer provides the highest precision available offering TRUE ZERO BACKLASH and excellent torsional stiffness in a compact pancake design.

Planetary Gearboxes

Onvio offers a wide range of planetary speed reducer families to meet almost any precision requirement — with backlash as low as 2 arc-minutes to a backlash of 12 arc-minutes.

Right Angle Gearboxes

In keeping with Onvio's modular concept, the right angle module is a self contained, helical bevel stage that can bolt directly on to all of Onvio’s AP series products.