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LI-MING Machinery Co.


LI-MING Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialist in design, manufacturing of wide range of high-tech speed reduction motor and helical gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers.

In recent years, to meet customers' requirements of quality and price, they have been dedicated to constantly upgrade the performance of gear reducer, maximize efficiency, and provide the most comprehensive technical supports.

Under the company's policy of "Quality Priority; Customer Satisfaction" and "Intelligence; Sincerity; Honesty", they have invited many highly experienced talents.

At LIMING we have a team with outstanding background in high-tech field. LIMING's outstanding enterprise culture results from its practicality, constantly learning the advanced management system and a commitment to excellence.

Among the wide range of LIMING's speed reducers, the planetary gear reducer features compact construction high qorque resistance, high transmission efficiency, wide range of speed reduction andhigh accuracy.

The planetary gear reducer are widely applied in servo, stepping and DC transmission system with its outstanding feature of high precision transmission, the planetary gear reducer is excellent for reducing speed, increasing torque and reducung torsional inertia ratio.

Hige torque, low backlash and quiet running are three key features of LIMING's gear reducers, and these are the reasons why LIMING's speed reducers are in the leading position on the market.

Gearmotor Series

  • Induction, reversible motor
  • Gear head
  • Speed variable motor
  • Electromagnetic Brake Motor
  • Speed controller

Other Series

  • Aluminum Alloy Worm Reducers
  • Small Gear Reducer
  • Bevel Gear Reducer Series
  • Screw Jack Reducer Series
  • Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer
  • Worm Reducer