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Winkel Logo

WINKEL GMBH - for more than 25 years we are working the field of linear systems and material handling. They are market leader in the field of heavy load linear systems and have delivered thousands of handling systems.

Further details on the Winkel Family.

Marland Clutch Logo

MARLAND CLUTCH - Marland has been producing overrunning clutches since 1931. Primary Marland products are backstops, clutches and clutch couplings utilizing either the principle of cylindrical rollers on inclined cam planes for low speed applications or sprag technology for high speed requirements.

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BERGES electronic

BERGES electronic offers the right solution for any drive application, from the standard inverter for three-phase asynchronous motors through to the highly dynamic, field vector-controlled drive. If you want to cut costs on drives, you need the right solution, tailored to your application. Berges electronic will elaborate the best drive concept for you and together with you, from the standard solution through to a customised design.

Further details on the Berges Electronic Drive Family.

BECO logo

BECO BEARINGS A range of high temperature bearings up to 650c are available. Used in ovens and kiln cars in bogey wheels. Non lube type eliminates expensive greases, monitoring and premature failure. High Temperature Bearings ( 150C, 200C, 250C, 270C, 280C and 320C ) available in the series 61800 6000 6200 and 6300 both in metal shield and Viton seal types.

Futher details on the BECO Bearings Product Line.


AVE CHAINS Barcelona - based, AVE® Chains -founded in 1953- is a market leader in Spain, specialized in manufacturing: ARTICULATED PLATE CHAINS, ACCESSORIES AND COMPONENTS, SLIDING GUIDES - DESLIDUR PE-UHMW, ALUMINIUM PROFILES, BEARING SUPPORTS..., mainly for the bottling and packaging industry. Over 50 years in the market and a major presence in more than 50 countries, guarantee our product reliability and quality, including ergonomics, functionality and, a very good quality/price relationship. The highest technological standards are applied to our manufactures and quality control (ISO 9001-2000), certified by TÜV.

Futher details on the AVE CHAINS Product Line.


AMC MECANOCAUCHO pioneered the manufacture and design of articles for the reduction of integral vibrations from structures and air-borne noise. AMC created comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts based on metal rubber and rubber spring for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.

Futher details on the AMC MECANOCAUCHO Product Line.

½" PITCH ACETAL PLASTIC CHAIN Precision moulded in acetal resin chosen for its nil lubrication requirement and its retention of mechanical and physical properties over a wide range of humidity, temperature and corrosive conditions.

Futher details on the ½" Plastic Chain.

VOLUMETRIC MIXER CHAINS The base chain with crossbars that carry the conveyor belt, are readily available for makes such as Reimer, Armcon and Xact Volumetric Mixers.


JAKOB are a leading company in Servo coupling technology. JAKOB-Safety couplings reduce expensive machine damages, repairs and down time by acting overload protection, absolutely reliable. JAKOB-mechanical clamping elements with internal force amplifying system are a true alternative as well to conventional clamping elements as to expensive half or fully automatic clamping systems.

Futher details on the JAKOB Product Line.


Belden supplies an extensive line of high-quality precision universal joints with complete shaft assemblies as well as couplings for a wide range of customers with unique applications. These applications include steering and shift linkage assemblies for specialty vehicles as well as industrial and off-road vehicles, aerospace, packaging/converting and conveying equipment, food processing equipment, steel roll forming and levelling equipment, machine tools and woodworking equipment for the furniture industry, and OEM machine tools.

Futher details on the Belden Product Line.

Märtens Transportbänder Conveyor Belts

Märtens Transportbänder Conveyor Belts supply rod network belts, PU conveyor belts, special silicone-separating belts and silicone-mould belts, metal conveyor belts, wide spiral link belts, round wire link belts, wire mesh belts, loop-joined wire belts, PVC conveyor belts, endless woven conveyor belts, welding presses, finger punching devices and other special products.

Futher details on the Märtens Product Line.

Torriani Gianni s.n.c. production has 910 different type of bearings from a diameter of 234mm to a diameter of 2500mm; ball bearings, crosser bearings, two runway ball bearings. Over more 290,000 digging machines, air platforms, cranes, funfairs, machine tools, purification plants are working with TG bearings.

Mönninghoff high-precision clutches, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings

Mönninghoff machine factory has developed to become one of the leading companies specialising in high-precision clutches, sensitive overload systems and optimised shaft couplings and actuators which operate reliably in applications all over the world.

Futher details on the Mönninghoff Product Line.

senotec - the specialist for capacity level controls

SENOTEC are a German company and are a specialist for Senotec capacity level controls and Senotec filling level probes. A full range of products are available for immediate despatch from Germany.

Futher details on the SENOTEC Product Line.


SFERAX linear ball bearings, seals, shafts and guiding tables are precision units manufactured in Switzerland.

Futher details on the SFERAX Product Line.


ENEMAC We supply Enemac torque limiters, overload clutches and a range of couplings including metal bellow, elastomer, servo and encoder couplings.

Futher details on the Enemac Product Line.


Vulkoprin is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane elastomere Vulkollan®, under license of Bayer AG Leverkusen. Vulkoprin built up a splendid image with its high quality wheels, rollers, tyres and technical formparts for positioning, protection, shock-absorbing, etc...


Romeca ® is a Belgian brand of industrial wheels and castors in rubber Easyroll®, polyamide and polyurethane, since 2006 further commercialised by Vulkoprin. With more than a 100 years of experience many solutions has been developed under the brandname Romeca ®, like fixed and swivel castors, the worldwide famous ball castor for the glass industry, guide rollers, etc...

Vulkoprin is a fully integrated company with permanent control on every level of production, what allows to react flexible on every demand of the customer. On this website you will find a selection of a number of applications.


Vulkollan® is a registered trade mark of Bayer AG. Vulkollan® is a hot-casted polyurethane and contains the isocyanate Desmodur 15. This isocyanate gives Vulkollan its special and exceptional characteristics compared with other polyurethanes. Desmodur 15 gives Vulkollan also its typical colour, getting darker by the UV light.

Futher details on the Vulkollan Product Line.


Rivolta stands for highest product quality combined with qualified technical support. By innovation we achieve progress and secure the future. Innovations are an important factor to maintain the performance, productivity and competitiveness of a company as well as they promote its growth and its added value. RIVOLTA products represent the highest possible quality standards on the market and thanks to permanent innovation and improvement correspond to the respective very latest state of technology.

Futher details on the Rivolta Product Line.


TSCHAN COUPLINGS - Flexible elastomeric couplings

TSCHAN®-S : Clutch hub and guide ring made of forged steel, machined on all sides. Elastomers with various settings, for use from -30°C to +120°C ambient temperature.

TSCHAN®-B : The elastic claw coupling, machined on all sides, for high torque levels and high revolutions. Buffers can be easily changed when installed, using radial extension.

NOR-MEX® : As three-piece version, hub with separate steel guide ring. Clutch hub and guide ring made of forged steel, machined on all sides. Elastomers with various settings, for use from -40°C to +120°C ambient temperature.

TORMAX®-VS (high flex couplings) Torsion-stressed rubber element, Elastomers of varying rigidity, Connections for metric and mechanics universal joint, With varying rigidity for dynamic drive line optimisation

Futher details on TSCHAN COUPLINGS Product Line.

Can-Am Chains

Can-Am Chains is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of welded steel, specialty chains and attachments, sleeve bearings and sprockets, for the forest products industry. From Pulp and Paper to Saw Mills to Oriented Strand Board and Engineered Wood Products, Can-Am Chains has a reputation for performance and reliability. Can-Am chains are designed and constructed to perform in such rugged chain conveyor applications as log-decks, transfer decks, un-scramblers and drive applications of all types. Whenever chain performance means productivity Can-Am Chains Deliver!

Futher details on the Can-Am Chains Product Line.


HepcoMotion are world leaders in Linear Motion Technology. Supplying Linear Bearings, Linear Bushings, Linear Rails and Linear Tracks. Their products include

  • GV3 Linear Guidance & Transmission System
  • HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System
  • DualVee Single Edge Slide System
  • Simple Select
  • MHD Max Heavy Duty
  • HDCB Heavy Duty Compact Beam
  • SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System
  • LoPro Aluminium Based Slide System
  • UtiliTrak Lightweight U Channel Guideway
  • HTS Telescopic Ball Bearing Slides
  • SH Shock Absorbers
  • Winkel High Load Combined Bearing System
  • Pacific Simplicity Linear/Rotary Bearing
  • Mini Rail
  • Dolphin Guides
  • Shaft Precision Steel & Aluminium
  • ASK Ball Bushing Units
  • LBG Linear Ball Guides
  • DLS Linear Transmission & Positioning System
  • HPS Powerslide-2 Guided Rodless Cylinder
  • HDLS Heavy Duty Driven System
  • BSP Ballscrew Premier
  • Elero Electrical Actuation
  • Zimm Screw Jack Building Block System
  • PDU2 Profile Driven Unit
  • DAPDU2 Double Action Profile Driven Unit
  • HDCS Heavy Duty Compact Screw
  • PSD120 Profile Screw Driven Unit
  • QuickTrak
  • SBD Sealed Belt Drive
  • PRT Ring Slides and Track System
  • DTS Driven Track System
  • HDRT Heavy Duty Ring Track
KWD Kupplungswerk Dresden GmbH

KWD KUPPLUNGSWERK DRESDEN offer a complete product range of mechanical and hydro dynamic couplings: Flexible and high flexible couplings in various types, High flexible clutches, Multiple disc clutches with mechanical, hydraulical and pneumatical engagement, Multiple disc brakes, hydraulically released, Multiple disc start up clutches and centrifugal clutches, Roller freewheels and sprag clutch, Fluid couplings, Gear coupling with straight and crowned toothing for horizontal and vertical installation, Flexible disc membrane and all steel couplings and Metal bellows couplings

Futher details on the KWD Product Line.

System Plast

SYSTEM PLAST Manufacture structural and conveyor components, bearing supports, levelling pads and conveyor chains. Incorporating names such as Conveyor Line, Bearing Line (Nolu-clean) Presso Line, Sanistar, Ecoline, Silver Line and Flexon System Chains. Used in all bottling, canning and food packaging industries. Wearstrips, clamps and guide rail brackets and transfer plates. Table top, slat chains both straight running and side flexing.

Ramsey Products

RAMSEY Chain Manufacturers of Ramsey Silent Chain and sprockets also known as inverted tooth chains. RPV centre guide assemblies, Ramsey EZ-Link., RPV ™, RamPower ™, SC, Duplex & Ramflex ™, 3/16" Pitch SC Silent Chain, UltraLife, Ramsey Standard, ALLGUARD, Extended Pitch, Lo Profile, Custom, RP RamPower Silent Chain, Take Out Arm Drives, Ramflex series chains, Silent Conveying Chains, SC Industry standard silent chain.

Also Ramsey Duplex Silent Chains for serpentine drive systems. Popular in the plastic film extruder and glass bottle industries. These chains can be found in a wide variety of demanding industrial applications and similar designs are used in 4 wheel drive automobiles and NASCAR racing engines

Futher details on Ramsey Product Line.

AMT Linear Guideway

AMT Linearway (or linear guideway) bearings are available through Y B Components. Available in MSA heavy load type and MSB compact type. Offering cheaper alternatives to IKO, Star and THK carriage type linear bearings. We can, however offer price and availability on any make of linear bearing or linear bushing along with linear shafts and linear rails.

ebm-papst world class engineering in air technology and air moving applications

PAPST or EBMPAPST specialise in all types of fans including motors and controllers.


EJ BOWMAN manufacture shell and tube heat exchangers and oil coolers. We also repair heat exchangers.

Lowara pumps are manufactured in AISI 304 and 316 fabricated stainless steel

LOWARA PUMPS are available both new and as a repair service. Other makes of pumps available to recondition.


AROFLEX POLYBOND Manufacturers of Anti vibration mounts O mounts Combi mounts Machine mounts and Machinery Isolators.

Manifold Industries

MANIFOLD INDEXING MACHINES Further to the closure of Manifold Industries in the UK in 2002, YB Components are able to supply replacement spare parts including Cam gears, Oscillating gears and Index tables. Though many parts may be obsolete, they can be manufactured to order.


FRAMO manufacture 'Compacta' slip-on geared motors (integrated mechanical or electrical limit switches), linear actuators and worm gear sets.


MAYR are a leading manufacturer for Safety Clutches and Overload Clutches such as EAS element clutch and ROSA Slip Hub. Smartflex, ROBA and EAS Shaft Couplings. Also ROBA Electromagnetic brakes and Clutches and Tendo DC Motors and Controllers.


REXNORD A world leader in the manufacture of shaft and fluid couplings. Rexnord Omega and Viva Elastomeric couplings, Rexnord Thomas couplings and Addax couplings. Also Falk Wrapflex, steelflex, Lifelign and Falk True Torque Couplings.


RULAND manufacture shaft collars, flexible beam couplings, Ruland Paradrive Oldham couplings and Zero backlash couplings.


MÖNNINGHOFF drive technology offers you a range of high precision electromagnetic clutches, tooth clutches and overload clutches.


DUFF-NORTON manufacture mechanical actuators, screw jacks, electromechanical actuators,electric cylinders and rotary unions.


ASTRO-MOTOREN manufacture stepping motors, DC motors and synchronous geared motors and controls.

CEMP logo

CEMP manufacturers of flameproof and explosion proof motors and inverters. Ex-d, Ex-de and most Atex categories.


VIMARC BV vibrator motors have been on the market for nearly 40 years. Applications include Vibrating fluidised bed, sorting machine, semi-mobile crushing and classifying plant, screen and de watering screen units.

Standard vibrator motors type AX AY BX BY CX CY DX DY EX EY FX FY GX GY
Stainless Steel vibrator motors type BX
EXD ATEX vibrator motors type AXD AYE BXD BYE DYE FYE GYE
EXE vibrator motors type AXE BXE
Explosion Proof motors type AXP BXP

Vimarc also manufacture Pneumatic Vibrator Units including
Pneumatic Turbine vibrators type GT T
Pneumatic Roller vibrators type DAR R
Pneumatic Ball vibrators type K
Pneumatic Piston vibrators type FP FPLF VFP VTL
and Vacuum Clamps type VTC


PACIFIC BEARING COMPANY : Pacific linear bearing and linear motion manufacturers.
They manufacture linear bearings and shafting, cam rollers, gliding surface, integral V rails, telescopic slides, linear slides and linear actuators.


Regina Chains

A series of replacement light conveyor gripper chains manufactured by Regina Chains. Used on Thermo forming machines such as Multivac, Swissvac, Colimatic and Dixie Union. Application - Form, fill and sealing packaging systems: conveying plastic films.

Available in ½" and 5/8" pitch base chains. Special surface coating for outstanding corrosion resistance. High resistance to elongation due to the high hardness of the pin coating.

These chains can be supplied by Y B Components in matched strands for trouble free machine set up.

Regina Chains also supply replacement chains for carton printing machines in the printing industry. Full specs available for Esatec machines and Kohmann models 1010, 1050, 1100 and 1120.

Regina also manufacture a full range of Table Top Chains also known as Slat Chain.

Matveyor ULTOP sprockets available for all the above

Also available: